Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekly DJIA

DJIA Weekly

Here is a weekly look at the US Stock Market via the Dow Jones Industrial Average, along with Advanced GET's wave count, the Vortex Indicator, False Bar Stochastic, Blue Wave Trend Indicator and my DJIA Weekly Trend Following Model. 

My take from this chart is that it will be much more important how this week ends, then how it is beginning.



Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying the new format and simplicity and am glad they aren't in attachment form.
Thanks also for gnvc which has saved my ass with other mistakes made. I went short 3 times in the last few months and got burned. Still underwater but creeping up nicely since the emails. JBG

StanTrenton said...

I agree with JBG, I really like the new format.
I also especially like the fact that it is not an Attachment.

Anonymous said...

Any update on the GFRE chart? I'm back in for 1/4 position.

Anonymous said...

Isaiah 29:15-16 . . . The dirty deeds of the Federal Reserve are being shown the light of day.

NUCLEAR: Did Goldman Offer To Tear Up AIG CDS?

Ryan Farish - night music

T said...

I agree with you about the end of this week as more telling.


Friday is the full moon.

which (if it works as it has the last whole year) indicates a strong potential Reversal time.

which would suggest a move (countermove) back UP to test previous S/R points and MA points.

my own 'plan' is to hope it does go back up and I would look to sell at the peak.

Anonymous said...

always try to time the top and the bottom, that never fails ...

Holly20 said...

Allan, What are your thoughts on the huge drop in GNVC? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Holly20, Daytraders and swing traders taking profits Don't sell. This should be a good one!

Anonymous said...

Always have an open mind to learn new things.

Always try to see the evidence of past history confirming the reliability of something.

Always be honest with yourself about your skills and limitations.

Always have a mind willing to learn.