Saturday, January 30, 2010

Find Something That Works. Then Trade it.

Below are some of the Daily Trend Models that my subscription email service has been covering this past month.  This is the final weekend that sign-ups will be locked in at $50/month.

The response from readers has been gratifying to say the least.  Your overwhelming support for this undertaking has been both flattering and inspirational, a catalyst for all of us to have a most excellent year trading on the right side of these markets in an objective, detached, empirical and most of all, successful manner in what could shape up to be one of the great investment opportunities of a generation.   

If so, there is no way these charts are going to miss it.

Find Something That Works.  

Then Trade It.





JB said...

Nice results so far. I subscribed this past week, relatively small acct size ($2k), was concerned yesterday about the spike upward due to GDP news. However I waited for a change in trend notice, didn't get one, and watched as the market went in accordance with my position. Still a little nervous about locking in profits b/c it has been a bull market for 10 months. Thanks jb

t said...

This might be/become your best,most poignant blog entry for the whole year.

"one picture is worth a thousand words"

t said...

Can it be That simple ?
one indicator/ oscillator,

connected to a chart with one ATR line (is that what it is?)

and the rest is just ... trust
trust in a proven system that works.

One (or two) ETF's in the direction the system says to go..........

Reverse when the system says reverse.
Reverse again when the signal says to reverse again.

Choose your comfortable time frame.

take some deep breaths,keep breathing,and worry alot less.

lose a few in smaller amounts,in whipsaws...

win more,in much larger amounts.

check your account balance to believe what its telling you.

stay close to your email box for alerts...

breathe deep again.
and worry alot less again.

This would be nice.

what have I got to lose but 50 bucks.

right now,I'm sitting on 150 k invested...Long !!

my profits from good entry points last december are 1/2 disolved...
the rest is hanging on whatever happens next week.

when S+P gets back and touches
(if it does)...(38% fib)

I intend to sell everything but my core homeruns.


Anonymous said...

who else is somehow involved in the FRBNY/AIG scandal that is unfolding? Well known vulturous coprophiliacs are usually thick where from the government gravy flows.

BRK B-shares ......... Zabriskie Point, c. 1970

January 28, 2010, (AP) -- Argentina's president thinks eating pig meat is really sexy. Many people in this beef-loving nation reacted with surprise Thursday after Cristina Fernandez promoted pork in a speech during which she not only said pork is better than Viagra, but suggested she's personally proven it.


Anonymous said...

Standard & Poor's announced it would add Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-A) (NYSE: BRK-B) to the S&P 500 equity index.

It's highly unusual for a company of Berkshire's size (market capitalization: $166 billion) to be added to the index.

aux stations de bataille!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for this great service. It was a great month, though I am still working through sizing issues and my own psychology. I used options sometimes and the swings stress me out, and I tend to get out on a smaller profit before the signal switches. If I had hung on, I'd be making $$$.

Anyway, just want to say great service!


Anonymous said...

I spend hours every day studying,researching,analyzing,charts and stocks and newsletters,.
For the last year,Ive been "Investing".analyzing stocks,due diligence, etc.and created a good portfolio.

which went up. Until january 11.
Now its going down .

After hours of brainstorming and debating with myself,what to do,what not to do. How to do it... I finally realize whats wrong.

Ive been in a total Buy long investing Mind set.

That worked while the market was going up.

It took me these 3 weeks of a down trending changed market

to come around and Change my mind set.

It should have happened faster somehow. maybe a week faster. I must have missed some important candle signals. some important 50 MA I missed.some gold price I missed. I didnt watch the USD close enough.
I love my stocks too much. I believed what I wanted to see, not what the signals were telling.

Now I need a lucky week starting monday, to bounce back so I can sell like I should have two weeks ago.
What I learned was that last year was a good "Investing" year.
This year has to be a "Trading" year.
trading waves,in and out,short term. make money.

Having a Trading Mind is very different from having an Investing Mind.

I have 36 hours to put on this new thinking cap.

khalid said...

I think all that's by Lucky?
Dude where do I subscribe to your genius?
I'm willing to do 50 bucks a month!!

Allan said...

I guess this deserves a blog in and of itself, but, for now, suffice it to say that this weekend marks the 1 millionth hit on All Allan.

That one million visits since November, 2004.

All I can say is that if I had a million dollars for every hit......I'd keep the charter subscription rate at $50 a little longer.

Anonymous said...

With the January 31st deadline looming to lock in the $50 rate, I had a few down and dirty questions. Assume I have 25K that I don't care about in an IRA.
1) Is this system easy to follow for utilizing the daily signal? For example, I don't want to be making any judgement calls cause when it comes to investing I am an idiot and always make the wrong decisions and have lost my family over a 100K.
2)Can this system make me rich?? Look I know you can't make promises but can this system get me there?
3)Given I don't care about this 25K what is the most aggressive projectile to get me to the potential riches, ie. what vehicle and what type of money managment.
To make it easier for you to answer these questions, I acknowledge that you are not giving me individual investing advice but instead are educating me and any risks I take are mine.


Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

Paypal is absolutely screwed up. It won't let me pay you. It keeps saying my credit card and my wife's card are already assigned to other accounts. They aren't!!! She doesn't even have a PayPal account!
I've wasted two hours trying to pay you and it's hopeless. It's now Jan. 31st, 4:00 p.m. EST. Care to suggest an alternative?

Anonymous said...

A tip of our hats to you Allan!
Thanks for all you do for those of us who are here, a million times over!

Allan said...

Re: PayPal problems

I've heard from a few folks this weekend who are having problems with PayPal. Accordingly, I am going to leave the $50 Subscription button up a day or two longer and hope it can be straightened out in a timely manner. Once the new $100 button goes up, it will be very complicated to charge $50 to those who are entitled to it by trying to subscribe in January. If all else fails, email me privately and I'll arrange for checks to be sent to me.


Anonymous said...

Queen - 'Killer Queen'

HIV integrase enzyme discovery ... related to NNVC fundamentals

Anonymous said...

off topic regarding nnvc, sounds like we shouldn't expect much happening for a while

#1) new website is done and being converted to HTML now. The designers are talking about the middle of March for completion but I'm pushing them to move faster

#2) We've already announced that we're planning to move to the AMEX ASAP and are just working on the application now

#3) You will get the news as it happens. Please realize that from the time we start discussing a study until the time it's completed with data ready to report is approximately 1 year. Also, we have to obtain permission to release anything involving a partner. That's the problem with having work done by various government agencies, medical and veterinary schools and universities. We have to operate on their schedule. Also, for animal studies, it often requires 2-3 months to get the animals after we order them. Then there is the time for them to adapt to their new environment. That often is another month. Then there is scheduling of the lab space and of the techs. Doing the actual study is relatively easy. Then data analysis takes months because of the amount of data collected

Hope this has been helpful


Chief Executive Officer
Nanotechnology-based targeted anti-viral therapeutics

Anonymous said...

Carl Sagan demonstratively explains 1st thru 4th dimensions

in some ways technical analysis of the market is like Sagan's "flat-landers", to whom a 3rd dimension is billions and billions of deviations away so as to be inconceivable. (3D e.g., sudden war in MidEast and oil prices to $100/bbl)

Van Halen - ' . . . found the simple life weren't so simple . . .'