Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Simplicity, Part II

NNVC line chart (blue) with Trend Following Monthly Model (navy)
Vortex Indicator (below)


Reza said...

Just bought some, small amt

Anonymous said...

Good for you!

Some here think it will go back to .76. If it does, do not despair, this is a winner!

Anonymous said...

FWIW I'm long via a few qqqq 46 calls at the close. Tomorrow could be up but then reverse back down end of day or Thurs open cuz this is OEX week and it's supposed to whipsaw. Tomorrow is delta color of day red, trending, so I'm hoping for up.


If down into Friday the eclipse could be a nice reversal spring board to go long into the following Friday 1/22.


Good luck, curt

Reza said...

Thanks Anon for the confidence

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,
thanks for your great job! I´m not a trader, just an interesting reader. My opinion for today, the plunge team did a great job too. They destroyed the waves, but only today!

t said...

Interesting comment,Curt,...new moon timing at the end of this week.
a few more down days from here to there could be the set up for a good reversal back up.

but I would be looking for that reversal move to carry forward into the full moon around january 28/29... as opposed to the 22nd.

Every day needs to be watched from here to the end of the month.

I wonder if the vortex oscillator can show this reversal energy in sync with the lunar cycle timing. Now that would make me a subscriber.though,I should be anyway...

its a nail biting time

Anonymous said...

Is BIDU up 65 points? Please tell me I am wrong!! My options are gonna get killed.

Allan said...

GOOG is hard down, which will provide some compensation as I am holding puts on both. In addition, I took 1/2 of my gains on both positions yesterday. Unlike stocks, options have to be traded around constantly. Risks commensurate with rewards.

Anonymous said...

Market open wednesday....one of the bio tech stem cell stocks recommended in Patrick Cox's newsletter you had posted a little while back....MRNA....blasted up 78 % at the open.
This will be shocking nice when NNVC does the same thing.

Folks might want to go look again at that stem cell article from Patrick Cox for the picks.


and one nuclear pick LTBR


Bernhard said...

Rushing towards the 1.10 resistance... will there be enough volume to boost up towards 1.5 and then 3$ ? who knows...