Thursday, January 14, 2010

S&P Daily Trend Models

SPX Daily Trend Following Model 

The latest signal was on November 6th's close @ 1069.  Today the SPX is at 1145, for a gain of 76 points, or about 7.1%.

Below a chart of the SSO, the double-beta S&P ETF:

SSO Daily Trend Following Model

The SSO Model went LONG on November 5th's close at 34.90.  Today SSO is trading at 40.48, for a gain of 5.58 points, or about 16%.



Anonymous said...

Hello Allan

What trading platform / software are you using?

Mike said...

so much for fund decay beyond intra-day....

great job Allan.


Mike said...

or subjective profit taking...for that matter.


Anonymous said...

Allan correct me if I am wrong, but I count at least 6 intraday whipsaws on that chart where one would have went short intraday only to not confirm on the close. You had mentioned that that should be a rare occurence but it seems to be an issue on that chart. Any thoughts on this and if true wouldn't trading the system intraday be counter productive?