Friday, January 29, 2010

Shorter term trend

Below is my Hourly SPX chart, noteworthy are all the bounces from below the trigger line that are failing to break-through as the SPX remains on a short-term Sell:


Singlengle said...

Here is what I got from the Business wire article today.

"Enhance the Human Lifespan." Mr. Caldwell is expected to discuss key elements in the extension of human longevity thus far, and specifically the impact that the field of Regenerative Medicine and the Company's technology platform will have on extending quality of life in the future.

Key words: Enhance, Extending QUALITY of LIFE


Singlengle said...


I undewrstand your page predominantly plays the market and selected stocks. Does your system work for funds as well such as a Nano Tech fund that could catch a few lucky breaks in adddition to individual stocks like NNVC.



Allan said...

SE -

It's an objective, rule based algorithm that works in for tradable.


Anonymous said...

The spx chart....

Yes, ...thats what I'm seeing watching stocks today. Market retested yesterdays top and did so without trouble but couldnt break out.
BUT ALSO has so far(morning session finishing) not broken downside...yet.

It seems to be Waiting for something.

coiling up like a snake maybe?

Maybe could do this all day and monday as well.

Looks like its still in the 'wave 4 ' consolidation.
I had thought wave 5 was started yesterday. but it looks like a mixed combo right now.

My target for the wave 5 bottom,(and 5 wave down completion, would be the s+p around 1071-1073...and then a sharp reversal... boosted by the wizards of Plunge Protection....."no need to worry"
"pay no attention to that man behind the curtain..."

The news media propaganda system is working hard to broadcast the positive spins ,about market recovery, ...all the positive hype.... its amazing to see the whole phony show once you start noticing it, noticing how the game is played.
'social engineering'
sheeple mind control.
...and it works. thats why they do it.

I just hope elliott wave and all the oversold indicators dont fail us now...

Maybe markets waiting for monday.

oh yeah, other thing....maybe my PPTeam is waiting for the goldman sachs end of day 'happy hour' (isnt it often around 3 o'clock)... to blast off the rocket ship.

Anonymous said...

It's now official. After being up 5000 on GNVC, doubling up at 3, I am now down 500.
Learn from my mistakes; I also doubled up on NNVC at 3 and am only now, years later, even steven.
Good trading...JBG

StanTrenton said...

I keep seeing posts on buying at a low, etc...
Are you trying to average down?
Are you trying to pick tops & bottoms?
Are you thinking of buying when a trend is confirmed down?
Is not GNVC on a daily sell signal?
Using the trend following methodology within a confirmed down trend, and if using a daily system, there are only 2 possible conditions - short or cash.
Of course, you could be using a 5-minute system which frequently gives buy signals within a confirmed daily down trend and you could be buying as well as selling
within that down trend.
It is your money so good luck...
Remember, to put the winning probabilities on our side, it is best to follow the discipline of the "Trend Following Trading Model" as posted in the right column.
Simple to see, but hard to do..

Sean said...

Allan, is the January offer good through the weekend? I'm setting up a Paypal account and, if I can get the locked-in $50 rate, I'll transfer the $ over the weekend.



Allan said...


Yes, $50/month good all weekend. I intend to replace the $50 Subscription button with the new $100 Subscription button on Monday, February 1st. Anyone who subscribes through the current button will be locked in at $50 a month for as long as they are a subscriber.


Anonymous said...

Since I do not trade with a large portfolio, do you not think it is wise to take a $150.00 profit, even if the trend is long, and just buy back in as the stock price fluctuates. I want to learn and trade diligently.

You are very disciplined. I admire that quality.
Maybe I lack discipline.

StanTrenton said...

Most important is to develop your own trading plan which includes your own well-defined action under all situations. It does NOT have to be long & complicated!
Once that is done, paper-trade for a time to see how you handle your own trading rules.
After you can smoothly, without hesitation, execute your trades, then trade with a small amount of actual cash. Trade an amount that allows you to sleep at night.
With confidence built, you can now trade larger.
2 things to keep in mind:
1) John Maynard Keynes said, "The market can remain irrational longer than you can stay solvent."
2) Plan your trades and trade your plan.
Remember, only you can determine what that plan should be for you.
If there's a problem writing your own trend following plan, go to Michael Covel's Trend Following site and read everything. No doubt that you'll find the elements of your trading plan there.
Hope this helps..

Anonymous said...

Thank-you Stan!

Maybe being a woman, it is harder to let the emotion out of it!

You are most kind in your response!

StanTrenton said...

Actually, it has been determined that women make better traders than men.

Anonymous said...

Ok then...

I shall keep you posted on my road to riches!
Have a great week-end.

ps: Wouldn't that be wonderful!

StanTrenton said...

"Have a great week-end."
I shall!
With both the Weekly and Daily SPX long bearish inverted candles closing down on their lows today, life is sweet for us trend followers!
You have a great weekend, too..