Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TGB - two looks, one resolution

TGB was written up one year ago @ $1.00, using generic free online charts and traditional analysis.  

Currently its at $5.50.  Here is a look at TGB as a Trend Following Trade:



Anonymous said...

Allan,how would you deal with the 30% decline in the first week of holding this stock?
Thanks,Ron R.

Allan said...

That depends on a lot of factors, but if you learn nothing else from these charts learn to follow the trends, up-down-up, even if that means getting stopped out and going back in.

Mike said...

great analyis a year ago Allan...

my bad for not following you on that.

with the likes of Gross and Sprott now intertwining the word "ponzi" into their fund newsletters...only stands to reason that signals on this one, (TGB), are watch list material.

thanks for the 2nd heads up.


Anonymous said...

Do you Think is time to buy TGB (5.40)in this price???