Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I featured the Weekly BIDU Model in a post last Sunday.  Here is an updated chart, with today's ode-to-Chinese-censorship-rally shown in context of the Model:

BIDU Weekly Trend Model


Anonymous said...

Food for thought about Google.

What starts out years ago as a free market and clever advancement in search engine technology, at some point because of its sheer size and significance to the internet.... inevitably becomes a company that the u.s. government needs to get involved in.
How? with issues like 'homeland security'
sensitive political issues that get monitored by national security. etc... you see videos being taken down by You Tube all the time.... Google becomes a part of the governments media and propaganda machine. and whats happening in China is just a perfect example of the next level of the politicization of Google.

Google isnt the same google anymore. dont you imagine they must have a few 'national security ' personnel working there.

DO you know how IBM got started?and what sort of things they were involved in? WW2... creating computerized index cards for the german army prison camps,was one thing they did.
Bayer aspirin company ? also made the mustard gas that killed millions.

Google....tracks every thing you do when you use google.

cell phones? are also tracking devices and listening devices. even when they are shut off.


Anonymous said...

so what is your point, dude ...

are you trying to make me paranoid ???

Anonymous said...

"Periodically throughout the day, ask yourself:

is what you're doing right now--setting you free."

~ Baba Ram Dass (born April 6, 1931)

American Ladies Skaters - montage

Anonymous said...

the skating video,by my paranoid perspective,is a subtle message indicating that the economy is skating on thin ice. lol