Friday, January 29, 2010

Back to the charts

DJIA 240 minute

I've drawn Fibonacci retracement levels on the 240 minute DJIA chart as a way of showing that even a GDP rally today is consistent with a new leg down having begun.  My Daily and Weekly S&P Models are still solidly in Sell modes, so unless those models were to flip Long, the rally, if any,  is counter-trend.

SSO Daily

A new subscriber asked me to follow SSO in the Daily Models on the subscription list.  Since some accounts can't short stocks, including SDS, alternating between SSO for Buys and SDS for Sells makes sense. 


MMarino said...


I subscribed to your trend model. I understand all the terminology but could you email me instructions on how to use the information? I think i have it figured out but i really dont want to short sell apple when i should be buying it.


Allan said...

Marino -

I plan to put together a brief tutorial this weekend, look for it in your email box.


Anonymous said...

hi allan.....thnx 4 ur sevice. not asking you to return to adding BGZ again to ur list, but wanted to ask why you dropped it, and if it will trend generally with the TZA, SDS, ans SRS.

Anonymous said...

That Market Club video on the Down fib levels is a Must watch.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I'd like a tutorial, Terry

Anonymous said...

The Dow....not down,typo

the market club video on the DOW at critical support levels in the future.