Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NNVC targets $2.00

NNVC Daily


Singlengle said...

I only have half of what I am supposed to have, but today is sure making me happy and if we ever get to 100 I can only be half as happy as the rest.



Anonymous said...

To My Mentor,

I know I am suppose to keep emotion out of this...


I am elated!!!!!Yippee....

When I am a millionaire I will throw a party in Allan's honor!

Anonymous said...

....stay calm. remember,this stock was way higher a few years ago. wait for the critical news releases confirming success in trials,etc before we start buying harleys and cuban cigars.
I got excited by one of my stocks today when it doubled at the open this morning. it doubled from .90 cents to 1.80 !! I was in shock. then, I went and looked at the 10 year chart .....the stock used to be 20 bucks a few years ago.....yikes !!!
it needs to get back to 5 dollars to be respectable and then break through resistance at 7 dollars..... so how thrilled can I be really.
must stay patient.

Anonymous said...

I don't often get sick reading this blog but the first two posts are nauseating.

"Elated?" "YEHAW?" "Yippee?" Come on.

Many of the small biotech companies are seeing a bump this week from the Biotech Showcase Conference that took place in San Francisco on Monday. NNVC was there and they may have picked up some extra momentum. It may last for a few days or a week or it might propel us to new highs. Either way, this isn't the conclusion of same phase III trial for FluCide that's going to send us to $30.

Have either of you ever looked at a chart of NNVC? It's been here before. A few times. And we haven't gone to 100...yet. We may get there by 2014 or 2016 or 2020...or never.

Look, it's great to have hope but can you just try to temper it a bit?


Anonymous said...

Hey RC!

Don't rain on anyone's parade!
If I am happy and wanted to thank Allan for this pick, what business is it to you!

Take some of your profits, ( if an old grouch like you have any) and donate it to the victims in Haiti. Maybe it will humanize you!

People like you are nauseating.

Anonymous said...

Old grouch?

I'm 34 you insolent, sycophantic twit. And I did donate to Haiti - thru AmeriCares.

What business is it of mine? I don't know, why don't you ask the same question to the person who posted before me. He said the same damn thing. Perhaps a bit nicer, but it's the same point. He said "stay calm" and "be patient."

Lastly, you are correct. I am am not human. I am a cyborg. And, as we all know, cyborgs love to rain on parades. Especially if it's a parade of morons.


Anonymous said...

agreed. this stock will not be a straight line up until (IF) the phase 3 results are positive. It will continue to bounce around. If you have a nice profit today, take it, and then when it goes lower, buy it back. Remember, pigs get slaughtered. Don't pigs scream some form of YIPEE!!

Allan said...

Some of my closest and best friends and family have half the shares they want, trying to trade around the highs and lows of NNVC. What no one knows is the nature and timing of some blockbuster announcement by the company that catapults the shares up triple digits in a single day. As Dirty Harry said, "Do you feel lucky, well do you?"

Anonymous said...

Targets $2 ??? I thought this baby was headed for triple digits? Talk about lowering

Anonymous said...

Yes,thats a good point for discussion is what strategic ways can one play with NNVC....or any stock like it.
I bought my core holding which I wont touch. then, on a good timing hunch, I bought 5 k more at .86 and I might just sell that at 2.00 or wherever it gets stuck.and then look for the next buying opportunity.

the counter to that idea is that while I would cash out a win of about6 or 7 thousand bucks..... 5 years from now, or whenever NNVC goes ballistic...It would have made me 100 k or 200 k or 50 k,

so its a debatable strategy.

t said...

....Hey.Speaking of being a Cyborg. I think this idea is worth paying attention to.

Along the lines of the stem cell ,biotech...regenerative medicine...this IS the way of future medicine.

Its like the dawn of the internet age and microsoft.

You know how the cover of Time magazine means something.

Look at the cover of National Geographic. Its a Cyborg Hand.

there was a segment in a new program on t.v. the other day,showing a man,an amputee, who was hooked up to the chip circuitry from his brain to the cyborg hand....and the guy was moving the fingers with his brain power connected to the electronic circuits. it was pure terminator stuff.

That might be a company to invest in.

what was the name of it in Arnold's movie....Cyberdyne ?

Bennett Dyson.

we could make a fortune on the company before they start making giant killer robocops and it has to be destroyed .

Ubreako said...

Sir, will you be doing a interview with the private equity firms that hold NNVC. WOuld be nice to get an update there if possible.

See how these guys have changed their out look and how they value the company.