Friday, June 30, 2006

July 2, 1949

From a card that came in the mail today:

It is important to honor our beginnings,
to remember that we matter
and that we have a place in this world
that no one else has.

May your birthday remind you
of how much it means
that you are here,
of how much your presence
enriches the lives of others.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006


If the NNVC story is even close to being real, then this press release by the company this morning may present the most compelling buying opportunity we have seen yet in these shares:

"NanoViricides Says AviFluCide(TM)-I May be the Leading Drug Against H5N1 Avian Flu"

"The Company also announced that it has retained the services of the Gencarelli Group of Washington DC for business development purposes. The Gencarelli Group specializes in health and biotechnology business development in both public and private sectors."

"The company further announced that it has changed auditors as the company has grown quite rapidly and has now engaged the public auditing firm of Holtz Rubenstein Reminick LLP to perform the certified public audit. Holtz Rubenstein Reminick LLP is the "Fastest Growing Accounting Firm in America" (as recognized by both PAR, Sept. 2005, and Accounting Today, Apr. 2006) and one of the Top 25 Accounting Firms in New York (Crain's, Sept. 2005). It is a progressive regional accounting firm, providing a wide variety of accounting, tax and business advisory services to clients throughout the New York metropolitan area.

"The audit is expected to be completed in early July. We expect to file with the SEC in order to become a fully reporting company shortly thereafter.


Friday, June 16, 2006

California Dreaming

Leaving Laguna Beach in a few hours for our final weekend in Arizona. What a wonderful trip this has been, just me, my daughter Alana and her friend Anna. Can you spell B-O-N-D-I-N-G? Family, you don't know what you got till its gone......

As for stocks, yesterday made up a lot of lost ground and to some, Harry Dent in particular, confirmed an important low is in and a multi-year rally is ahead. Keep your eyes on bird flu developments, as in the cover story in USA Today, today, "Alaska is front line vs. avian virus." Best speculative opportunites maybe be NNVC and NVAX. Please note, speculative.

Father's Day in Sedona? Trying to make it happen, but it won't matter, as I will be with one of my daughters and where we will be.....will be with each other.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blog This

I'll be travelling around the Southwestern states over the next few weeks, with Phoenix and Laguna Beach the only stops for certain so far. My travelling companions will be a teenage daughter, or two, and one of their friends. I'll have two notebooks with me (my Powerbook and my new ulta-slim Sony Vaio), so business should be as usual, trading until 1:00pm PDT, then waking up the girls to go exploring. As time permits, I'll throw up some trading ideas, see what sticks.

On the guru front, Harry Dent says buy this market, its up to the stratosphere from here. Jim Dines is still on a short-term Buy signal from about a week ago. Jim Cramer continues to churn out about a dozen blogs a day, about 1/3 of which are bearish, 1/3 are bullish, and 1/3 seem to be both bearish and bullish. He both likes and dislikes the oils, precious metals, technology and retail. He thinks most investors are confused, but he's been through markets like this before, that's why he's so bearish, and bullish.

Someone asked me in a Comment to a previous blog what effect this market is having on my daytrading. My answer is that my core daytrading system has performed in line with it's equity curve, just chugging along upon it's upward trajectory, seemingly unaware of this dank market. My Buy & Hold stuff is sucking, but this too shall pass.

Meanwhile, lets not forget bird flu is lurking in the wings (literally) and still represents a potential move from doldrums to froth over the course of a multi-month frenzy. One of these days it will begin in earnest and we need to be ready with a basket of ideas that we want to turn into a private jet or second home at the beach, both of which could come in handy in the chaotic conditions of a pandemic.

An hour to go in Tuesday's trading. Looks like Cramer is right.


Thursday, June 01, 2006


Upwards to 30K subscribers to Tobin Smith's, "ChangeWave Investing" received an email after the close of trading on Thursday, pumping a penny stock that was not identified in the email. In order to learn the identity of what Toby terms, "Your Turn for 1,000% Profits," you have to take a trial subscription to his service, "ChangeWave Microcaps."

Or, you can read today's AllAllan Blog.

In his enthusiasm for this stock opportunity, Toby left enough clues on the table for me to identify this stock. I suspect that between his ChangeWave subscribers who also figured it out, and those who upon reading the pump decided to sign-up for the service, that there will be a pop in the stock on Friday, maybe carrying through to next week. So here we go again. Remember, SGMO went from $5.85 to over $8.00 on the strength of a similar campaign by Porter Stansbury's outfit.

First, some snippets from Toby's hype:

I've attached two things to this e-mail:

1. The note I sent to subscribers about this stock (with the name written as XXXXX - it wouldn't be fair to them to name it here).

I'm writing because all our research suggests there's another 1,000% upside from here. This is your second (and probably last) chance to join this ten-bagger club. Got a little risk capital burning a hole in your pocket? If this works out as we expect, you'll make a fortune.

2. A longer message I sent previously to the ChangeWave family about this stock. We're in this one to win big-time. But you must act fast before the rest of the world catches on.

What's happening with XXXX now XXXX is using the strength of their patents to "roll up" the privately held mobile marketing world. By this time next year, they will be the undisputed leader in delivering technology and marketing services to cell phones. Their strategy is simple: You either agree to pay royalties and licensing fees to XXXX on its patents that enable marketing over the Internet to mobile phones... ...or we'll buy you out IF you can help us become the dominant player faster.

Right now you can steal this stock under 30 cents - that's my signal for "Back up the truck and BUY." Then hold on for a wild ride to $5 or more.

This company's PaperClick technology takes your cell phone... ...and transforms it into a "magic wand" that connects you instantly, anywhere you want to go on the Internet. Make a purchase... read product reviews... make your dinner reservation... watch a movie trailer... enter a contest... get an coupon... sample a song... instantly.

And I believe it can QUINTUPLE your money from here - and that's just to start.

I can't guarantee your profits on this pick. I believe we'll get to $1.50 per share (from 28 cents today) before long, but I can't
guarantee it. After all, this is still a fledgling company that still faces a number of obstacles. That's the name of the game when you're own home-run-capable microcaps.

Now the stock: NEOM

Confirmation: Much of Toby's hype comes directly from a series of press releases from the company web site.

I'm in.



Meant to post this earlier, when VLNC was still under $2.00, but stuff happened. Better late then never.


VLNC Valence Tech: Alternative Energy Investing Commentary (1.99

General Electric Co., the world's second-biggest company by market value, said its finance unit will provide credit to customers purchasing Segway Inc.'s Human Transporter scooters. Segway represents +50% of VLNC sales. The credit program will begin June 1, 2006 and is expected to further accelerate Segway's sales in the coming months. Segway's scooters are battery-operated, two-wheeled vehicles designed to operate where people walk. More than 125 law enforcement agencies use Segway HT models, the company said. Segway has attributed their +50% growth rate to their decision to switch batteries reducing the weight and charge-time necessary while dramatically increasing run-time. In the past year, Segway switched from NiCAD batteries which required 8-hours of charge-time and provided only 4-hours of runtime to Valence Saphion lithium-ion batteries which require 4-hours of charge-time and provide 8-hours of runtime weighing half as much. VLNC earnings call is scheduled for June 13th 2006. AEI is expecting the company to continue to improve on its financial metrics and gain exposure among institutional investors as the company's newly retained PR firm spreads the word. AEI is also expecting more news from the company on development programs including receiving development contracts expected to be handed out by the US Advanced Battery Consortia this fall. AEI also expects that VLNC stock will move up as the company announces new commercial relationships including European and Asian customers including additional motive power applications and plug-in HEVs.