Tuesday, October 30, 2007


NanoViricides is on the move again, up about 30% in two days, over 250K shares traded just today. News is apparently behind this latest pop:

USAMRIID to Study NanoViricides Against Ebola

and this from last week:

NanoViricides, Inc. Presents at the Global Pharma R&D Summit
Nanoviricides Represent Dawn of a New Era in Antiviral Therapy, Says Company

Monday, October 29, 2007

World's Best Options Service

My rule about touting any newsletter or trading service is pretty simple and straight forward: If I personally make a lot of money trading it's recommendations, I tout it, if I feel like it.

Although I get approached by a lot of advisory services, precious few ever get mentioned on my blog. This one, is different. Not only have I made a substantial profit from following their recommended trades, but, it's an options service, a field notoriously glutted with losers and fraudulent promoters that prey on the greed inherent in a traders mentality and offer no value or substance in their advice.

But as I said, this one is different, it is probably the best options service I have ever used. They approached me about eight months ago about advertising on this site. I said that although I eschew advertising, I would consider reviewing their advisory service and reconsidering my policy and/or write them up if I thought they would bring any value to my readers. They started sending me their newsletter, I let several very profitable trades go by, then started acting on their trades, usually the kiss of death. To my surprise, the winners kept on coming.

In keeping with my word, I am recommending that anyone who is interested in trading options take look at this service. You can find them here:

Best Commodity & Currency Options

Here are their most recent, real time, real money recommended trades:

08/22/07: Buy BHP Jan 120 call @ $570; Currently $2,680.....+370%
08/23/07: Buy PCU Jan 100 call @ $1,150; Currently $3,580....+211%
09/04/07: Buy RIMM Mar 93.40 call @ $940; Currently $3,395...+261%
10/11/07: Buy FCX Feb 120 call @ $1,350; Currently $1,040....(23%)
10/16/07: Buy PBR Apr 95 call @ $550; Currently $890.........+62%

As you can see, not a lot of trading, but a lot of big, big winners. And that's just for the stock options. They also recommend commodity options. I don't trade commodities, but I have been following their recommended commodity option trades. Here is a sampling of trades they have recommended since I have been on their subscriber list:

Australian Dollar Calls +2,275%
Canadian Dollar Calls +319%
Crude Oil Calls +379%
Gold Calls +130%

As with the stock option recommended trades, what they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality. The cost of the service is $1,995 a year, or $200 a month, or for $99 you get a 60 day trial.

Options are risky, but the rewards are huge if you get it right. This service has been getting it right since I've been receiving their recommendations. Maybe it's a coincidence, or maybe they know what they are doing. I'm guessing and betting on the latter.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


One of my services recommended LFT today under $25.00. It is a Chinese IPO that priced this morning at $17.50, but it opened for trading at $27, then fell as low as $23.25 and now is trading above $34 in after-hours. So why mention it here?

The market was a minefield today, but this stock held fast to it's $6+ premium from it's IPO price and soared once the market reversed it's spike low. There seems to be an LFT everyday, no matter what the general market is doing.

This is the stuff of daytrading. As Ken Kesey said to the Merry Pranksters, you're either on the bus or off the bus.



Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Market Timing & Cramer

Gravitas - Xyber9 nailed last week's decline and flipped Long over this past weekend. Is this market timing system tradable? I think that depends on the trader, not the system. We have seen it hit and miss, get whacked by exogenous market events, then turn on a dime and nail a 400 point decline. Not for the skittish.

Cramer - Finally pulled ahead of the S&P 500, Cramer +10% versus S&P up 7% for the year. That said, his "Stocks Under $10" service at his Street.com company is ahead 15% for the year. I hear him now, in the background, already pumping another book. Sigh.



I jumped
my first sense
desperate regret
arms and legs flailing,
trying to slow my descent
reaching back
no, this is not what I meant
not what I want.

Lying below, a splattered self
now my arms are still
my legs motionless
that is me
awaiting the end.

Flashing snippets
of the past five years
memories seeking,
then finding
a way
to freedom.....
to live on
in another
and not perish in the spirit
lying motionless,
on the ground below.

Awake again,
still alone,
a single choice
in the dark;
to watch the freefall unfold
from above
or below.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Hollowing out my heart

I know this appears somewhere down below;
once my best friend,
now a closed door:

These Days

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


TGB was a $4 pick in July, won the race to $5 between it and PWER, also a $4 stock at the time and TGB has today topped $6.00. For those keeping score, PWER is the laggard still, only up to $5.64 today.

Between the two of them, some nice percentage gains for a three-month sprint.


Monday, October 01, 2007


With CORT just about a double for us, Ilene, who suggested CORT to me in the first place, just now called in another one, DSCO.

Apparently, DSCO has been having regulatory hurdle after hurdle, causing it's stock price to fall from over $8 at the beginning of 2007 to under $2 this summer. It's up 12% today on, "very good" regulatory news.

Above $3 today on heavy volume, the chart and news are in sync suggesting DSCO may be on it's way to closing part or even all of that gap down earlier in the year.