Monday, October 01, 2007


With CORT just about a double for us, Ilene, who suggested CORT to me in the first place, just now called in another one, DSCO.

Apparently, DSCO has been having regulatory hurdle after hurdle, causing it's stock price to fall from over $8 at the beginning of 2007 to under $2 this summer. It's up 12% today on, "very good" regulatory news.

Above $3 today on heavy volume, the chart and news are in sync suggesting DSCO may be on it's way to closing part or even all of that gap down earlier in the year.



Anonymous said...


You should hook up with Rob of Stock Insight.

You guys have different styles, but both of you make very good money!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,
Was that a typo in your post? Last time DSCO was at $8 was in March '06, not '07 from my charts. Still, I guess it doesn't change your conclusions..thanks, I enjoy reading your posts.

GTR said...

Hi A: Here is another biotech to add to your watch list: SIRT

I don't own ay yet, but watching it as well.