Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Market Timing & Cramer

Gravitas - Xyber9 nailed last week's decline and flipped Long over this past weekend. Is this market timing system tradable? I think that depends on the trader, not the system. We have seen it hit and miss, get whacked by exogenous market events, then turn on a dime and nail a 400 point decline. Not for the skittish.

Cramer - Finally pulled ahead of the S&P 500, Cramer +10% versus S&P up 7% for the year. That said, his "Stocks Under $10" service at his Street.com company is ahead 15% for the year. I hear him now, in the background, already pumping another book. Sigh.


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mrvegas said...

How has xyber performed since then? Are you still paper trading?