Tuesday, January 19, 2010

KMKCF - update

KMKCF Weekly
Weekly Model Reverses SHORT below 1.92


Anonymous said...


nnvc has pulled back from 1.30 last week and of course i bought at 1.20

do you have a target on pb?


Mike said...


you keep this up...and that black box Montauk trader you articled a few years back is gonna come knockin at your door for suggestions.

great work. thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

That's why I think shit of Pretcher! Very soon the market is shooting up and prove him wrong again.

He keeps calling tops without telling his readers when he's out! This guy is senile and outdated now.

Lots of fake gurus out there so be careful.

Allan said...

Until Thursday's highs are taken out, Prechter is still VERY SHORT,

Anonymous said...