Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One-Second Trading System



After viewing the Monthly and Weekly charts above, ask yourself, would you buy this stock?  A decade ago I came up with what I called my "One-Second Trading System" which was is its essence, looking at a chart for all of one second (three seconds if your legal residence is California)  and answering the question, "Do you wish you already owned this stock?"  If the answer was Yes, then the stock is a BUY.  If the answer is No, then it is a SELL.  If you can't decide, move on to the next chart.

Try it yourselves on the above two charts.  They are of the same stock, so you have to go two for two here, which should be easy enough. 

When you are done, click here for the name of the stock.



Anonymous said...

Question, I don't understand the draw down levels on the pivot points for SDS & TZA on today's daily model over yesterdays, since today's low for both symbols are 33.35 & 9.00?

Dazed & Confused!

Anonymous said...

Alcoa (AA) marked the bottom of the market in March 2009. So, today's action is a fat lady singing.

At best they can push it until late February.

One should keep in mind that this market is changing now.

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