Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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Anonymous said...

NNVC down again, 6 out of 7 days now

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

nnvc is a scam

Anonymous said...


If I were to subscribe, would you be able to look at Canadian ETF's, specifically Horizon Beta-Pro 2x Bull and Bear ETFs?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention:

More specificaly, the oil etf (HOU and HOD). All are listed on TSX.

Anonymous said...

Allan, please know I am grateful that you have provided me information about NNVC. Any trade execution, however, is entirely my choosing as is so with any man of true grit.

Lynyrd Skynyrd

James 1:12

Anonymous said...

I am a man of fake grit !!!

T said...

To the 'anon' who said NNVC is a scam....
aside from not explaining why you think that... you dont really deserve a reply.
But for the sake of those who listen to other naysayers who do at least try to make their case....
here's what I see about NNVC.

Advanced,brilliant research that is proving successful,all according to the necessary plan and time frames required in trials ,etc...
Serious interest by powerful industries including the U.S. government (my 'fear' would actually be that the government takes over the company because they are discovering cures for bioweapon viruses and the govt.might want control over everything)and NNVC would be sold before we can get rich with it.

but aside from that,what else.... the chart dynamics show a giant breakout recently...and these 6 out of 7 down days...is nothing but a normal correction,pullback off the recent high.

You must not know anything about chart analysis. why would you even be interested in investing or trading if you lack basic skills 101.
This is why I say,you dont deserve a reply. No troll ever does.

Anonymous said...

T said

I understand what you are saying but maybe anom has been looking at the hype surrounding this company for a few years now and yet the sp still languishes.

just sayinquarette

T said...

I can accept that concept. Price point,spikes upon news and developments,test failures tank a stock, etc... I suppose theres no guarantee with any investment....only the best educated guesses and probabilities.
NNVC has some features that are just not lying. Test results arent lying.
It looks like a good hold to me.
Its like another stock I own....TRGL... this company owns the rights to a vast pool of oil underneath Paris ,France. Major oilers are now focused on Torreador (TRGL)
which may become a great buyout,or M+A, at some point because Torreador is too small to develop the oil project all by themselves.
The stock took off a month or two ago,and is holding up well now.
Point being is that the OIL is still under Paris. Its real, and Torreador owns it.
Its value isnt going to disolve,no matter what the S+P does, or U.S economy does.
Thats why I liken it to an NNVC type stock.
Same thing with Stem Cell stocks like ... ISCO... exploding in value AND holding up currently.
...and GNVC ,which I'm looking for a good entry point in these next few days.
1.50 might be ok...or whatever Friday's low might bring.
There are no doubt,a number of popular stocks, that get bubbled up with no real meat behind them.
I'm not too familiar with the most obvious ones because I dont own or research any of them, but NNVC just looks good to me.
Until someone offers more fundamental analysis to make a case Against NNVC.... simply saying that the stock used to be 3.50 a few years ago, and look at it now ...fails to recognize the big picture of the whole evolutionary process.
It takes Major developments in the evolution of a 'developmental' product.
Perfect example...look at the Bakken Oil project. This Oil was known about for 60 years....but back then, they didnt have the 'fracking' technology to get the oil out cheaply enough. They had to wait for the technology to catch up with the investment.
Now, Bakken Oil is a Big Thing.
Nobody conceived of the internet and Microsoft in 1960.Everyone probably knows an investor who got bored with microsoft stock in 1987 and sold it,and has never forgiven himself.
My exgirlfriend was married to a programmer who was offered a job at Microsoft in 1987 ...and he turned it down !!!?? thought the company was too small and didnt want to move to seattle with the gloomy weather.
He would have been one of the key early programmers at Microsoft.
Talk about Fateful decisions.
I could have been a professional golfer, and sleeping around with a dozen women like Tiger Woods. But I didnt pursue it.
I want to mention one other thing. In case you also feel the same way.
Ive discovered something about myself as I engage in my new profession of investing/trading.
I have been discovering that investing/trading ,is a many faceted complex puzzle.... maybe thats why folks like to offer the advise of "Simplicity" simple is better...etc
But thats only as a way to deal with the Reality, which is that The Game is Extremely Complex...almost impossibly Complex.
I like the complexity, and I try to Master the Complexity. I want to see Everything. and I often do.

One of the key components of my own 'Vision' that I've discovered and been developing is the "Instinct" ...the gut feeling... the ability to see 'whats wrong with this picture' feeling...ability to 'smell a rat'. or feel an intuition about something.
Its a tricky skill ,and can fool oneself unless its really finely honed.
and its a natural aptitude I discovered I have.
So I am learning to use it as a tool.
When I first discovered AllAllan web site....I instinctively knew that he was a man of integrity.
and when I saw him advocating NNVC and I looked into it...I instinctively 'Knew' it was a winner. So I bought NNVC.
So far,my gut feelings have been serving me well.

Anonymous said...

Mr. T,

I like your analyzes !

Hope you stay here and share your insights..and your picks!

I feel people..but not stocks..just a beginner...I lose more than I make...

Anyway..hope you stay here.