Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Keeping it simple


Anonymous said...

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

da (Lucky) Vinci

StanTrenton said...

Your statement
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
is so well said that it deserves an honored spot above above my computer. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Don't be sharing your revelation with those smart LONG TERM CAPITAL MANAGEMENT types.

We can game their black swans a la Allan ATR :-)


StanTrenton said...

"Don't be sharing your revelation with those smart LONG TERM CAPITAL MANAGEMENT types."
You mean these types?
Reversion to the mean...
Dollar cost averaging..
Martingale strategy..
Catch falling knives..
"Buy now, it can't go lower"..
Efficient Market Hypothesis..
Reduce risk by diversifying..
Fundamentals matter..
Sorry, that's not for me!
You're right.
Preaching to the choir ;-)

Anonymous said...

For those watching the market and thinking with their heads (alongside using Allan's trading system,if theyre so fortunate),

market today,wednesday,afternoon, is showing many stocks hitting their key support points now. But this represents a 'first-buy- opportunity' zone.

Timing-wise,may also be 'a little early'

from here to friday can be 'whipsaw' time... as markets may be trying to establish a bottom in these next few days.

Anxious to buy at some of these prices...maybe wiser to stay patient and wait for pullbacks and support levels to establish. Many issues are sitting near the 00 price points and 200 MA,and/or 50 MA ,depending on time frames.
...waiting ...for the right time to Reverse.
I'm thinking friday,but could also be monday. but if not intraday friday,might take off at monday open without a chance to get in. Its a judgement call,when to get in if one wants to buy anything for the next wave correction UP.

But today is still early,... two days to go...

Anonymous said...

Gentleman above,

I considered those bullish possibilities and a few more I won't bore you with .

Market often acts irrational relative to seemingly intelligent market strategies. This is why smart discretionary traders like Ken Fisher call it "THE GREAT HUMILIATOR".

I suggest you devote set am't to the Allan's system and don't over-think it.
Keep your discretionary bets separate or your stats won't match Allan's.

Lucky Robot