Wednesday, January 27, 2010

GNVC - update

I wrote up GNVC on January 14th at about $1.75. Although up about 10% in about two weeks, it did peak at $3.34 a few days ago before a sharp sell-off, due in part from today's news of an $28M stock offering

Today is the first Sell day on the Daily Trend Model, if GNVC closes today below $2.58, which seems likely. 

The above weekly chart will go Short on a close this week below $2.29. 

My Trend Models are an excellent way to stay on the right side of just about any tradable for any time frame. This holds for GNVC, NNVC and everything else in the trading universe.  Nonetheless, if you believe in the underlying story and don't want to be bothered with share price volatility, there is a place in portfolios for buy and hold stakes in these kind of story stocks. This is an individual decision based on an investors personal facts, circumstances, temperament, chakra and stomach. 

For me, I like to put these away and look only on weekends, when emotions are less effected by the mass psychology of the marketplace.  To each his/her own.



Anonymous said...

GNVC...time to load people...this is a gift. Let the traders run out and run down the PPS short term. JMHO!


Anonymous said...


can this scenario happen to nnvc?

Anonymous said...

Always sell the spikes! Sold last Friday at $3.10 for a $8450.00 profit..... then thought it only fair to subscribe to Allan's private e-mail service. Let's see what happens.

Anonymous said...

I've been learning that concept these days.....sell the giant spikes.
Instead of doing what I did do which was HOLD ....and watch it disolve away to a much smaller profit.

But......I'm learning.


as for entering GNVC right now, youve got s/r (buy) points at
2.00 - (1.87) area
1.80-1.75 (1.77)
160-1.55 (1.57)
and 1.17-1.20 (1.17)

Anonymous said...

NNVC plunging, sh*t ...

Anonymous said...

i know

of course i bought at the top as usual

Anonymous said...

Does not matter if I bought GNVC high...soothes the soul to know Allan thinks this is a buy and hold.
Personally, I just feel better.

To Mike,
Would you buy more even though I am in the red as of now?


Anonymous said...

Just picked some up. Now we C. Positive data and this thing explodes.

Anonymous said...

I have a question about the hourly and daily trend models.
If anyone can answer.

If hourly is up long and daily is short..I usually keep my position. Is this acceptable? other words, will the next day usually mean the stock holds it's price if the daily trigger is not reached?

Anonymous said...

Allan orders extreme discipline for NNVC whiners

Meanwhile, stock-market lifted ahead of Yobama's rap on disillusion tonight.

just a slob like one of us

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous douchebag who said,

"...stock-market lifted ahead of Yobama's rap on disillusion tonight."

do us a favor here (and even if you dislike him) try to remember he is 'Yopresident." Maybe you can just call him Obama or Mr. President (or hell, call him our socialist president if you really feel you have to say something negative).

It's just that "Yobama's rap"sounds a bit...I don't know...racist?



MMarino said...

Massive dilution right now with GNVC. I think what were seeing now is the short term effects... So yeah you bet im 'loading' up on this one! TNF-erade has nothing but a positive rep.


Anonymous said...

Marino...don't think it is massive dilution, 14-18 million more shares on top of the current 106 million O/S.

Would I be adding more here? Yes. I'm convinced that GNVC has the goods, TNFERADE being just one drug, albeit a blockbuster one. Buy more..there could be a huge near term surprise on this come march-April. I hope it goes lower first though becuase I'll take the gift. JMHO


Anonymous said...

Allan or anybody out there:

Any ideas on what to buy if, as Obamas said tonight, we really start building lots of new nuclear power plants? Uranium stocks? Any undervalued small caps out there?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Steve K. in L.A.

Anonymous said...

Are we saying on monday is when we'll see this one rise again? The stochastics arent yet as low as they were in previous 'busts'

TheHammersmith-Etsy said...

nuclear... LightBridge