Friday, January 15, 2010

SPX Hourly Chart


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Allan, are you still recommending TGB even though Cramer gave it a Buy on today's Lightning Round?

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Alizée - Jen ai marre
Alizée - I'm Fed Up

Put/Call Ratio vs. SP500

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Just offering my view that EWI, McHugh, Allan might get whipsawed from a low Tues/Wed moving higher possibly up to 1160 by end of month, 1/25-1/28 then the move down starts 1st week of Feb. The down move also may not be _the_ W3 EWI are looking for. Study sell offs. They all start with a round top, even going into 9/11.

When EWI/McHugh go full short, GS, JPM salivate over easy short squeezes, probably next week and beyond. This won't just drop from a top, not with mega trading desks who can extract profits from buying 3 day sell offs rolling the short retailers. Look for moves in 3 days and 30 pts.

Until the funds stop buying we won't be going down by much.

Just suggesting you keep your stops tight and take your short profits fast. W3 is still a ways away JMO.


curt504 said...

Here's good analysis for likely timing of a top of what ever degree.


Anonymous said...

Alan, wondering why you don't use the Globex session for the S&P? For the Vortex it seems more exact.
Thank you again for all your work.