Tuesday, March 02, 2010

TGB & KMKCF - updates

Here is the write-up on TGB, bought a little over a year ago at about 1.00.  As you can see from the TGB Weekly Trend Model's chart, TGB  Weekly Trend went Short the last week in January at about 4.27

An added benefit of following the Weekly-only trend models is the higher likelihood of taxable gains being Long Term as opposed to Short Term.  In any case, a very nice trade.

We've owned KMKCF since this write-up last year.  Here is a current Weekly chart, suggesting that its Long trend is still in tact, but just barely.

A Weekly close below 1.82 will reverse the KMKCF  Weekly Model to Sell



Singlengle said...


ACTC just recieved Orphan status from the FDA for its stem cell derived studies. This is the first stem cell related orphan status approval from the FDA. I hold it as I hold NNVC, close to my heart.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


Anonymous said...


It would be instructive if sometime, while at leisure, post an example of a trade that did not go well. Include analysis of what did and/or did not do, and what learned, did differently henceforth.

Meaghan Smith - 'I Know'

nonne si bene egeris recipies sin autem male statim in foribus peccatum aderit sed sub te erit appetitus eius et tu dominaberis illius

A said...

As soon as one goes bad, I'll jump right on it with a complete analysis.