Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MRNA - update

It would be nice to catch one of these high flying biotechs before they take off. 

Are there any clues here?

MRNA 240m

MRNA Daily

MRNA Weekly

Ooops, out of time, market is set to open.  You folks can answer the question posed above on your own, I got to run.....



Anonymous said...

Level II shows huge resistance ranging from $1.05 to $1.20
bought some at $1.01 still waiting since last time you mentioned it here
in anycase i like your picks

Anonymous said...

Geepers.....its the Vortex thing !! and the black signal line in the chart.

When the BLUE Vortex Line crosses above the red line it goes long. When the blue line crosses down below the red line it goes short. and when the price stays above the black line in the chart its long. and below the black line is short.

is that right?