Wednesday, March 03, 2010

DJIA 90 minute

The significance of this particular chart isn't so much the wave count, but the combination of the wave count with a fresh DJIA 90-minute Trend Model Sell Signal.

DJIA 90 Minute Trend Model

Some wave counts are too hot, some too cold and some, like this one, look just right.

Canucks v. Red Wings
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Right now



Anonymous said...


Yes, I was referring to the Empirical Mode Decomposition on my prior post. It looks like to might be a good filter for the ATR entry as confirmation. Have you had a chance to look at it?

A said...

Yes, have looked at it and have yet to find anything helpful out of it, not on the same level as what we are already seeing on my charts, especially the new Vortex configuration.

But as always, a work in progress.

Anonymous said...

time to buy TZA.

There is a trap where belief that can do something leads to not doing it. The Confidence Trap

Conan swings his sword

A said...

In case anybody didn't click on the link: The Confidence Trap on the prior comment, I highly recommend it. It takes less then 5 minutes to read, is spot on, applies to each and every one of us, especially as traders and it will stay with you a long time.

Here is the opening paragraph:

There is a trap where belief that you can do something leads to you not doing it.

One of the places where this paradox can happen is in visualization and other deliberate motivational activity. You are asked to imagine an exciting new future, with the idea that you will then be terribly motivated to work hard to get there. But what can occur is that the belief that it will happen is so strong that you just sit back and wait for it to appear.

Anonymous said...

Most,if not all indexes and stocks show overbought indicators and abc waves up,or 5 waves up completed....and today looks like the full moon reversal beginning,that I was waiting for.
March 4, is in the full moon zone

Now I'm counting 3 waves abc down...(maybe 5 waves down) and anticipate some sort of reversal again from there.

the down wave may take several days to bottom.

Anonymous said...

....BUT the inverse etf's DXD,SDS,QID,RWM are ALL holding frozen in 3 consecutive doji's....still waiting
waiting waiting
frozen in place
3 dojis the last 3 days !

Mike T said...

Unwinding overbought conditions can be done via sideways action. No clear direction right now at all.