Thursday, March 18, 2010

Basket of Biotechnology

I wrote to my subscribers yesterday that this coming weekend I will be putting together another Bbiotechnology basket, lower-priced bio-tech's that have bullish trends. The idea here is to capture one or two that will skyrocket, using the trend models to be on the same side as the smart money.

One of my subscribers sent me a few to look at this morning and one of them, SOMX, has been halted based on the approval of one of their drugs.  Although we are a bit late on this one, proof of concept is there:
SOMX Weekly Trend Model

Subscribers can look for my Basket of Biotechnology in this coming weekend's update.


Anonymous said...

Regarding NNVC... I don't know if I have ever seen a worse daily chart. Straight down to the basement.

A said...

Nonsense, only a break of the Daily Trend Model line would be a cause of concern and that is more then 10% below current prices.

concern said...


interested subscriber here.
if i pay you with paypal, will you be able to know my identity? i understand that I'd have to link either a credit card or a bank account to the paypal account.
I would perfer it to be a customer that pays thru paypal wihtout having his identity revealed.

A said...

Paypal sends me your PayPal email address and whatever name you associate with that email address. That's all I know about my subscribers.

Anonymous said...


I would ignore that guy. he can't be serious. I actually like the chart as there does not appear to be any gaps that might need to be filled, slow and steady, back and fill.

Anonymous said...

Allan, i would ignore this guy.

I like that here very much here as there are no gaps that may need to be filled later, back and fill


tapped out said...

Somaxon (SOMX) has the once-a-week inhaled insulin device (Afrezza) for diabetic use that the FDA's expected decision a couple of weeks ago was delayed. MannKind (MNKD) has a position with them on the device but doesn't appear to be involved in todays sleep disorder drug approval. I read up on SOMX back when and could be incorrect in saying, I think the inhaler was the main focus product and this drug was a secondary pipeline product. Could be the crystal-ball peek as to how it may playout for NNVC in the future.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't ignore the downward trend of a chart. Good way to get burned.

Anonymous said...

i do hope cxm is on yr list

Wayne said...

any idea what's moving CHBT today?

t said...

This is a great idea,Allan.
I look forward to it.

I would even guess that it could warrant a whole separate sub-section to your blog.
to do it justice.
complete with tutorial on biotech investing,penny stock investing ,how its different from other sectors.

like the way investors need to understand how the precious metal stocks operate 'differently' than other sectors.(more volatile,more manipulated by central bank influence)

biotech industry more influenced by the FDA, etc.


My first question would pertain to this.

Look at what SOMX did today (skyrocket)...look at what CYTX did the other day (sold off a cliff)...both based on FDA approval or rejection.

t said...

I'll bet you'll see alot more biotech blastoffs these days.
from speculators jumping on the biotech bandwagon.

biotech is hot now.

You could see that simmering a few months ago.

I'm guessing the fundamental stories of solid companies will be the ones that have staying power beyond the volatile speculation coupled with assorted FDA rejection of those that dont have the true cutting edge.

see what just happened to pfizers alzheimer drug,down the tank.

versus AVXL ... on the cutting edge.

Anonymous said...

next Bradley turn-date, without another until June, is 03/25/2010 and in precision range of the intended Obamacare vote. Next week could be indicative of whether SMkt bubble bursts or whether it goes 1999 into summer--that is, if Allan's vortex indicator so allows for it.

Bobby Darin

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Anonymous said...

excellent capital management advice for the market trader:

"It isn't true that you live only once. You only die once. You live lots of times, if you know how."

~ Bobby Darin (1936 – 1973)

Anonymous said...

Hey T,

I salute your claim to stupid-fame for not adding nnvc shares back in Oct. when most folks had their tail-gates down doing knee-bends and scoop shovel-lunges (me 9,000 @ 50 cents), but I suspect I should be wearing a sticky note today on my buttocks saying "kick me please" after watching somx everyday these past two weeks with inhailer devices in my eyes while thinking this insomnia drug was just another red pill!


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