Wednesday, March 10, 2010


HGSI was one of my Trades of the Week - LONG  for the email subscribers in the most recent Weekend Update.  The more feedback I get from subscribers, the more I like the methodology described in my February 20th public Blog, Weekends Only Stock Trading System.

HGSI 240m

HGSI Daily

HGSI Weekly

The thought occurs to me that we all might find that following this system in a regular, systematic and uncomplicated approach to making money in the markets, would be the best way to maximize the benefits of this algorithm in terms of edge, advantage and ease of use.

Just thinking aloud here.



Unknown said...

Allan, I have a question about your subscription. On pay pal is it a fee that withdraws from my account every month automatically, or do I go online and do the pay pal all over again?. and if I want to cancel how do I do that?.
I was also wondering if you have weekly alerts of low priced stocks, as those are what I am wanting to trade.
Thank you

A said...


Once you sign up with PayPal, there will be an automatic, recurring payment on the one month anniversary of your subscription. Should you decide to cancel, it is done the same way, through PayPal, by going to your original subscription and unsubscribing. Pretty easy both to initiate and cancel your subscription.

Only in my third month of offering this service, I am trying to focus on making money for my subscribers and your suggestion of Weekly alerts on lower priced stocks is a one way to do that.

Keeping it simple and profitable is my main focus right now, with equal emphasis on both.

Anonymous said...

Was trying to subscribe through paypal at the early beginning but upon filling details my country was not mentioned among the list of countries
any clue?

A said...

I guess moving to a county on the list is out of the question?

(1) Seek solution through PayPal Help or,

(2) Email me privately for address to send a check (which could be a hassle month after month, making #1 a better solution

email address for subscription service: