Thursday, March 04, 2010

Monthly Set-Up

I came across this Monthly DJIA set-up tonight, thought I'd post it to make a couple points.  First, the Monthly Trend Models work too, but the slippage is a killer.  That's about 1,000 DJIA points lower before a Sell is triggered, not exactly a comfortable "hold" while being true to the Long Signal of June, 2009.

Second, Advanced GET is contributing it's own "Mechanical Sell Signal" set up.  The indicators at the bottom of chart have reached levels where both will confirm a Sell Signal as soon as prices turn down enough to break a trend line.

Monthly DJIA

For that trend line break, I'm presenting the DJIA Weekly chart below, using the double bottom last March to initiate the trend line which coincidentally just happens to touch the bottoms of the  two weekly lows of the early February, 2010.

Weekly DJIA

Just to confuse matters a little more, if the DJIA closes above 10,467.10 tomorrow, its Weekly Trend Model will reverse from it current Short to Long

Damn, who makes up this stuff?

My guess:


Reza said...

Thanks Allen

Anonymous said...


The Allan Monthly may not be perfect, but I suspect if one holds a low paying DIVIDEND ETF during the calls, they could outperform most of the mutual fund industry :-)

A more conservative approach would be to borrow form passive investors and invest in a diversified portfolio (rebalance yearly) only when buy signal is on :-)


Anonymous said...

I recently discovered your blog and have just begun looking through past entries to get up to speed on what you are doing. I am an Advanced Get user and am wondering about the studies you show on your charts. What is the strategy shown on your chart showing a line on the bar charts with exits and long signals? And how about the vortex? Is that on Get? I'm just using EOD 7.8 build 420. Thanks. Mike