Tuesday, March 30, 2010



Anonymous said...

R E S P E C T ! You got all of mine Mr. Harris, all 555% of it!


A said...

Thanks, Cory.

Even with today's debacle in GNVC, the Biotech Basket is still up 3.06% in seven days, which is an annual return of 108%. Not that I can defend having a core position blow up like that, but, sometimes you have to look past an isolated blow-up in order to objectively evaluate performance.

MMarino said...

My mother told me in reference to GNVC... "Michael, you can win the superbowl and not go 16-0"

She also changed the password on her schwab accuont, ha.

Anonymous said...

Apple going up. Now there's a tough call.

Anonymous said...

As I educate myself more about investing (and this blog is a fine educational source ) I find its essential to always keep learning. never stop studying.
This GNVC collapse is my first failed investment.
I want /need to understand WHY it happened.
First glance at what happened to GNVC appears to be trial study failure.
just like CYTX failing to get FDA approval.
These appear to be the 2 biggest keys for success with biotech and pharma stocks.
FDA approval
and trial /treatment success....or at least not Failure .
Is it possible, with careful diligent analysis of a company, their research,testing,trials,funding,track record, etc,....
possible to SEE a Train Crash coming ? or at least enough cautionary warning.
In this case ,with GNVC,looking at what they were doing with their technology....they were/are
COMBINING it with chemotherapy,radiation and surgery.
If I had known this was their protocol,I might have declined to buy the stock.
Its a very tricky game to combine molecular,cellular,organic 'natural' treatment concepts (which support and boost the body's natural healing processes)with the old school of 'poison slash and burn' (chemo,surgery and radiation (which damages the immune system and adds toxins to the body)
It almost seems like a set up for failure .
Pfizer's old thinking research and drug for alzheimer drug tests Failed,recently....which is the catalyst for AVXL to get in the driver seat and propel forward in NEW technology.
It looks to me like GNVC was stuck in a project that combined new and old....and it failed.
My belief about the new age of healing and curative medicine is that the New technology (stem cell,regenerative, rna/dna/intracellular healing by boosting and supporting the immune system etc) will replace the old (chemo,radiation etc,which is destructive to the immune system)

I dont want to invest in biotech companies that still employ the poison,slash and burn - a Failed medical technology.

I'm looking for biotech stocks that embrace the New vision of a different process of treatment Not involving Chemo(poison) Radiation(poison).

I hate learning what I need to know....too late .

There IS a difference between the OLD medical technology INDUSTRY of chemo,radiation, etc and the NEW way of Curative medicine.
For 100 years this medical industry has made a fortune and impenetrable empire by NOT curing cancer...but making a fortune in maintaining the industry.
They will be loathe to let it fade away to the New curative breakthrough technology.
It looks like GNVC was trying to straddle the fence between the two....and is failing.
Other countries are curing cancer with New technology that is NOT employing the old poison .
But the USA will be the last one to catch up,because they are stuck in the money making industry .

Due Diligence means making a thorough examination of the whole company from concept to research to everything including what their technology really is about.
I believe Any biotech company that is Still trying to work with chemo and radiation is a loser.
I was too tired and lazy to do the research on GNVC.

It cost me 3 thousand dollars.
A lesson learned.

Lets be more strident in examining ALL biotech stocks ,for whatever details are important to you.

For me, NO CHEMO,NO Radiation.

I want NEW paradigms. not the old.
Maybe GNVC can recover but I doubt it will until it abandons the chemo,radiation platform.

I am no expert. I'm venting,of course,
but I also know the difference between natural supportive medicine and destructive poison medicine.
They also took on the hardest to cure cancer in the first place,pancreatic cancer, THAT also was a set up for failure.

Maybe this company is more of a 'political' player in the game than a true new paradigm pathfinder.

Anonymous said...

Biotech basket up 3%? How do you figure?

TheHammersmith-Etsy said...

shiittttt...gnvc, ouch. glad i didn't follow that...

Allan, maybe its fair to change the scales on GNVC, I think a couple lost big time on this company, even using your method. You've got to show them that you lose some and win some occasionally...

TheHammersmith-Etsy said...

woeps... i see you posted it. great work...

Anonymous said...

Allan, Give me a few good picks that will give me a big win and I will happily donate a few grand to you through paypal.

Hehe. I just joined this site so did not see the biotech basket earlier. Keep posting and if others make some coin I am sure they will be more then willing to share a few coins...

Anonymous said...

So, AEN is a "buy" at $2.44?

Am I reading your chart right?

Anonymous said...

I see the ENCO chart seems to indicate the stock would be heading straight up, while in reality it is headed straight down today...

All these charts seem to advise is buying a stock at its peak. I have found that to be pretty bad advice.