Thursday, March 25, 2010

ISCO - Weekly EW Update

ISCO Weekly

The Weekly EW target is now $6.50


Anonymous said...

Hi Allan, Tnx for your hard work! I have a bunch of NNVC in the back of the deep freezer. Any recommendations for new money for that catagory?

I have a gold low coming up in early April FWIW. But my 2010 view is choppy for gold/miners so not sure if new $$ should go there, JMO and could be convinced otherwise given the same rally nature of the new micro miners as biotech.

tnx curt

t said...

Interesting thoughts,Curt.
I have similar views also, but one of my newsletter advisors, who is expert on precious metals and miners,had mentioned a month or two ago about the game changing significance of China as an influencial player in the gold scene now. as a force that would serve to stifle the manipulation of central banks in their efforts to keep suppressing gold and silver and the miners.
His view is that we may see precious metals and miners holding more steady at support levels in the future. Its an interesting geopolitical thought, and I sense the correctness of it.