Friday, March 05, 2010

In search of a very good year.....

Those of you who have been with me awhile will know exactly what these charts are suggesting.  Those who are new, catch-up (read: weekend reading).  I suspect many of you have large positions from under $2  (email list subscribers from well below that level) and although happy campers at the moment, it takes some minimal effort to remain in that state of mind.  Below is my contribution to that effort.

GNVC Daily

GNVC 240m

GNVC 120m

GNVC 90m

For whatever it is worth, I have three stocks that I am evaluating right now and over this weekend that may offer similar potential.  I can't say yet if any one of them will make the grade, only that if I write one (or all) of them up, I am pretty sure that this kind of price action will be likely.  If we can pick off a half dozen of these a year, well,

let's put it like this.....



Anonymous said...

can you tell me how to deal with the frustration of missing this one?

I've been lucky to catch a few other homeruns. Where the hell was I on this one ?
Even though I watch the markets ALL day every day.... I still missed this one.

While I was looking at my others,I missed this one.

I know I shouldnt chastize myself, but I cant help to do it.
I Should have seen this one. I DID see this one when it was 1.00

and then somehow I lost sight of it.

Maybe I'm half as mad about it because I dont understand, and Unless I understand why and how I could have a stock "in my sights",in the palm of my hand, and ready to buy.... but it slips away from me....

It will Happen Again to me.
so I need to understand something I failed,where I made mistakes, etc so as not to do it again.

I Do remember at one point doing some fib calculations and estimated a correction to 1.35 area....and decided to wait until 1.35

GNVC only went to 1.65 area.

and I missed out.

Ive done That miscalculation several times with trying to calculate stock corrections.

just frustrating

A said...

after over 5 years of doing this blog, all i can say is that there will be another, there always is.

t said...

Sometimes I think,maybe its a good idea to not own Too Many stocks at one time.

because if you have to watch over 30 ,even if you have all day, you just cant study all the charts on all the time frames,and all the calculations, all day long ,and always have an eye on Everything. all the while the market is moving.

something falls thru the crack while youre doing something else.

It might be better to just choose as many stocks as one can follow ,follow in a very close and precise way.

with GNVC ,all I had to do was watch it intraday on the hourly and I would have seen it was Holding at 1.65 in order to buy it there.

but I was too occupied with everything else.

too many irons in the fire.

I'm beginning to think this is part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Buying opportunity today on NNVC 1.20 right now.

Especially with the prospect of a PR Monday and the S-3 filing today.

Anonymous said...

I wish I bought this as well but I instead took the SPX weekly sell a few weeks back and plowed into TZA. I sold it today and got my ass handed to me. Not sure what to do at this point.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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SteveKore said...


I believe I mentioned this company once before, but it looks like Eco-Safe Systems may be setting up to break-out soon. Volume has been increasing and there is big news coming sometime very soon (the announcement of a national restaurant chain). With such a small float, it won't take much for the stock price to double.

Steve K. in L.A.