Monday, March 22, 2010

NanoViricides - charts update

NNVC 390 minute bars

NNVC Daily bars

NNVC Weekly bars


Anonymous said...

Considering the problems NNVC has reaching $2, how do you expect it to reach $100 in under four years? That would give it about 50 times the market cap of GNVC, which is a lot further along with their drugs.

I just don't see it.

A said...

I've posted a wealth of background fundamental analysis to support my thesis for a triple digit share price in the years ahead. If it were a no-brainer, the stock would already be there. Last year at this time we were arguing about lottery tickets with NNVC trading under 50c a share. A year from now, some will look back and be saying, "should have, would have."

Seems like the skeptics are out today. A good time to remind everyone that there are no sure things in trading or investing. Just a myriad of choices and probabilities. Rewards, as always, commensurate with risks....and vice versa.


Anonymous said...

Just a myriad of choices and probabilities

Ain't it 'bout time for NNVC to issue more shares to fill the budget hole they mentioned in their last 10Q?

While retaining our private reserve of NNVC, today we took a profit nip then tossed a chip into the FAZ spittoon.

"Never give a sucker an even break."
~ W. C . Field's, c. 1925

t said...

If the fundamental stort remains positive,in particular, with no FDA approval failures,test failures,etc, but good news and good progress of the fundamental story....there shouldnt be too much to worry about for the future.

If that remains the case, the next logical thing to examine is technical analysis of the chart .

Looking at this daily chart shows me the following things.
(I may be wrong so feel free to correct any wrong counting)

recent highest high completed a 5 wave move up...unless its a wave 3 up.

wave 4 correction,or wave A correction has been ongoing,no wait,......UGH.....OK STOP....THIS CHART CANT BE COUNTED ON THE DAILY. IT NEEDS TO BE COUNTED ON THE 4 HOUR OR 60 MINUTE.

in order to see how the waves have actually moved in elliott pattern.

can we see a 60 minute or 4 hour chart?

Anonymous said...

I think it's a Wave 3.652, LOL. Face it, tech analysis fades when a company keeps printing new shares.

Fundanetals, Allan? You mean like P/E ratios?