Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All of my days

I put my daughter on a plane back home today.   Sent her back to her mother's care as my time with her drew to a close.  She's a woman now, but will always be my first born, my precious baby girl.  We drew close as she lay in a hospital bed during her visit, scared and needing me, just to be her Dad, to be strong, reassuring, fearless in the wake of her tears, her panic, her distress.  But now with her safely back to her own life, I can finally let it out. Quietly counting the days dwindling by of this elusive journey; I am left tired, drained and alone.

Well I have been searching all of my days
All of my days
Many a road, you know
I?ve been walking on
All of my days
And I've been trying to find
What's been in my mind
As the days keep turning into night


Cameron said...

I always enjoy your music choices, I love your stock choices too but good music, good friends, good food are what its about. Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

..... alone

and not alone.
how alone am i
when i know that you
are here.

this is why i come here so often.
because there is someone here.
and human
and real.
always real

someone said and I said there was a bit of magic in this blog.

sometimes transcends the spatial divide
and connecting us all
i just keep coming here

the poetry
and the music
are a big part of it

when you come home
and you turn on the stereo.
when you come home
and you call a friend on the phone

youre not Home until
you hear the music
and the human voice

when i come here i realize now

I'm coming home
..... when i come here.

Anonymous said...

bullish% Consumer Discretionary vs. Russell2000 . . . videmus nunc per speculum in enigmate

TZA . . .
Poncho Sanchez pregunta a Allan: ?quieres volver?

Anonymous said...

Si Tu Me Olvidas ~ Pablo Neruda de Chile

si cada día,
cada hora,
sientes que a mí estás destinada
con dulzura implacable,

"But if each day, each hour, you feel that you are destined for me with implacable sweetness,"

SteveKore said...

The journey is a long way from over. I think the time may be nearing for a Walkabout...

Anonymous said...

I too feel what you are saying in terms of my own twisted journey. Life is precious but it can also be ugly and painful.Your expression of feelings are always so honest and well written. Our children are often the 1 thing that keeps us alive. Thank you for sharing. Time passes so quickly "And all your money won't another minute buy.Dust in the wind
all we are is dust in the wind, dust in the wind
everything is dust in the wind" -Jerry

Cameron said...

Hope to meet you all in Hawaii at some point as the IHUB'ers always say. I am 27 and love this blog and shortly after my mentor turned me onto Allan's blog, shortly thereafter bought 11,500 shares of NNVC at 55 cents in October and haven't looked back. It is an interesting journey of diverse and interesting turns, as my mom always said, "the road less taken."

cameron said... implicit trust in the cosmos and mana i suppose...

cameron said... implicit trust in the cosmos and mana i suppose...

t said...

bgeezers Cameron....55 cents. !! I sat there and just watched it at 55,(i actually watched on that day,minute by minute when it bottomed at .41) like I was watching some exotic animal at the zoo ...because I already had my core at .81

I swear to god I'm stupid.

this means that you will make 2 million and i will only make 1.3 million.
do you know how awful that makes me feel????

On a more sober note, say, is the market going to crash anytime soon ?

cameron said...

The market is at a top, we all think...even bears are turning bullish which is when it is all just about over for a while! :) Yes 55 cents! Im happy about that! Let's hold on for 2014. Concerning NNVC, he argument is that people want to live, as Allan has said, plus I think there is a lot going on right now. Eb and flow!