Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things have changed


Anonymous said...

Hey Bro it looks like your going through chit again, that Grady Tripp character maybe hit a little too close to home? I always liked him, liked that movie, liked the unexpected semi-happy ending. You are a wonder boy A, every which way I look at things, so hang in there and know there are some of us paying attention and pulling for you.

A said...

There are consequences to our actions. There are consequences to our inactions. Consequences to all we do and all we are.

After watching Wonder Boys for about the fourth time last night, I looked up Michael Douglas and realized he was about my age when he made that movie and consequences aside, there wasn't much different about us, other then Pittsburgh.

Happy endings are elusive. Someone wrote one for Wonder Boys. But without a writer here, or a director, or another life to go back to when the shooting is over, expectations just wither on the vigil for things to be different this time.


Anonymous said...

Oh Great!,

Sony blocked this video from my country. Its not fair.

This must be some conspiracy because we beat you guys in hockey:-)

A said...

Actually, each team won a game, but in total goals scored for the two games, US comes out ahead. But we let you guys have the gold anyway, because of our long history of benevolence and generosity.

Mike_T said...

Ryan Miller's play through out the games deserved the Gold medal - he got robbed IMHO.