Tuesday, March 30, 2010

GOOG Trend Model

Below is the GOOG Daily Trend Model chart.  GOOG is currently on a Daily SELL, the stop/reversal level is 571.84.  Thus, there are about 10 points of risk in this trade, while if you look at the early January Sell Signal, it was good for about 100 points on the downside. 

GOOG Daily Trend Model

GOOG, along with GS, AAPL, AMZN and BIDU are the original five stocks in the Trend Following service and all have continued to perform well under the parameters of the system.


Anonymous said...


Any thoughts on buy/sell on RVMIF. You had mentioned it a short time ago at .41 cents. Today if fell about 17%. Good sale price??

Thanks Tom

Anonymous said...

Hello Allan,
How does your paid service differ from what you publish on your site?

A said...

Foe every one blog I post here, there are probably 4 emails to my subscribers, similar content. Any specific stock that I discuss here will already have been mentioned to my subscribers. As an example, I sent out an email earlier today about a publicly traded venture capital firm with an average annual dividend of just under 10% for the past five years, a stock that will appear on this weekend's Basket of Income Stocks.