Friday, March 19, 2010

Up 42% YTD

Going LONG Only
TNA & TZA Daily Trend Models

TNA Daily Trend Model

TZA Daily Trend Model

 Daily Trend Signal BUY = Go Long on close
Exit trade upon Reversal


Anonymous said...

Baby It's Cold Outside

Robert Prechter was interviewed this afternoon by Maria Bartolemo on CNBC. .... MUST WATCH

melius est videre quod cupias quam desiderare quod nescias sed et hoc vanitas est et praesumptio spiritus

Anonymous said...

usually when someone says bearish things on CNBS, the market goes up the next day. On the other hand, usually when Abby Joseph Cohen appears, the market goes down almost immediately thereafter, and that didn't happen this time, so maybe that indicator doesn't work any more.

Stan Trenton said...

It has been my experience that the TNA/TZA combination has been one of the most smooth, steady and regular of all ETF combinations. Once they penetrade their signal lines, they usually stay on that side of the line for quite a while, yielding fewer whipsaws than most. Does anyone else have any more "smooth and steady" ETFs or stocks to suggest?