Friday, March 26, 2010

Basket of Biotechnology

Last weekend I sent out a Basket of Biotechnology Stocks to my email list.  Now that all subscribers have had first dibs on these stocks, I'm posting the list to the loyal readers of AllAllan.

Below is a hypothetical portfolio established at Yahoo Finance.  I put $3,000 into each of the eight names set out in the basket, although subscribers know that three of these stocks are considered to be core holdings.  The portfolio's starting value was $24,000 (8 X $3,000), excluding any accounting for commissions.  There are a couple more names that I will probably add to this list in the coming weeks, but for now, this represents a nice speculative entry into what may become a very hot sector in the years ahead.

As you can see, the portfolio is up a little over 10% in its first week.  

That said, it is not too late to buy any and/or all of these names.  

Basket of Biotechnology Stocks


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

took 'nother load of profit of NNVC. Still have massive private reserve.

'tis a purple swollen sector: chart

no wanna get waylaid, bushwhacked.


Sic transit gloria mundi nolite seduci

A said...

One year ago NNVC was trading at 60c with 25K shares a day volume. Today it is knocking on $1.80 door and trading over 10X that in volume.

A year from today?

A repeat of that performance, both in price and volume.

A said...

And up over 100% since named my 2010 Stock of the Year in this 12/17/2009 post:

Anonymous said...

Allan, you ARE THE BALLS

you are rescueing me from financial ruin and once i get my nhead above water i will be sending you a nice little donation.

You counseled me thru a rough time and for that i am grateful. You are right about karma.

Thank you so much. I have put a number of my friends onto you and i hope you are benefitting from that.


Anonymous said...

To Allan..

Thank you for being you...

Dave said...

Allan -
Intriguing. 2 questions, if you are willing:
What criteria did you use to select the 8 biotech companies listed?
The 3 core holdings notwithstanding (NNVC, GNVC, ISCO, I believe) would you recommend all the listed biotech companies as medium to long term holdings (1 year +) or short term (0 to 1 year)?
I ask only because I've been reading your postings daily for a while, but but have not acted yet due to being a jaded skeptic after being burned by financial planners and mutual fund companies.
I've taken our retirement and college savings strategy (3 daughters) into my own hands, and am at the point of taking your advice on these. Since I'm not a 'day trader', I'm probing to determine if these companies would be appropriate for my buy and hold style.
Dave in Colorado

A said...


I sent that stuff to my subscribers, it wouldn't be fair to post everything here for free.


Dave in Colorado said...


Anonymous said...


I am in a similar situation like you. Been burned, scammed, self mutilated in the stock market. One in college, one soon to be. Lost my ass trying to outsmart the market, learned candlesticks, point&figue chart, technical analysis. Got roasted shorting in the fall/early winter.

I am so grateful i stumbled onto Allan and this blog. Allan is credible, i believe in the nnvc story, he has convinced me.

Roll the dice my friend and close your eyes for a few months, easier said than done.


t said...

Dave,I also am similar and feel exactly the same way Mike said.
I took over our IRA portfolio after out accountant (good accountant/bad investment manager) said he was capable of managing the IRA...after his ignorance and negligence lost us 40 % in 2008(yes it was his fault) we took it away from him and Ive beem managing it.(+60% since august)

Discovering Allan's blog
has been one of the first blessings God gave me in this monumental project.

Anonymous said...

Checking in from New Orleans.

Run the trend system on SDS/SSO (longs only)for 90 days and convince yourself of the value of your subscription. If you have lost fortunes with mutual funds and investment advisors, you may understand the value of a $300.00subscription investment very quickly.

Following the system requires extreme discipline to follow signals which may be contrary to your thought process. Its mechanical and it works.

Ready to pull the trigger on the next trading signal for TZA for even better results.

t said...

....just to be precise for precision sake, I dont think ISCO is one of Allan's "core 3" biotech stocks.
You can see its on the list of big 8 but if precise detail matters in this case(I personally ,as my own choice would call it on a par with the top 3) ...if you want to be completely tuned into Allan's process, theres no other way to get there but by subscribing.

Dave in Colorado said...

Anonomi and t -
Input and testimonials truly valued and appreciated. I'll use the 8 biotech companies listed as my alpha (beta?) test in my 401k to convince me to subscribe (or not).
I'm sure no one would fault me that.

Allan - it looks like you have a supportive and convinced set of followers. Well done.

Once again, sincerely,
Dave in Colorado

Anonymous said...

I have almost a double in NNVC. Thanks Allan.

Anonymous said...

Seems the basket has a big hole in it.