Friday, March 05, 2010

Stock Trend Models

Expanding my stocks coverage in the Trend Models is now a priority because among a diversified portfolio of trends, it is possible to minimize the effects of general market direction by selecting from stocks in both up and down trends.  Of the following five stocks that I have been regularly following in the service, all have been on Buys this past week and beyond.  By expanding this list, bearish trending stocks can also be included. 

AAPL Buy Signal Feb 16th @ 203.40

 GOOG Buy Signal Mar 2nd @ 541.06

GS Buy Signal Feb 2nd @ 156.94

BIDU Buy Signal Feb 3rd @ 449.78

AMZN Buy Signal Mar 1st @ 124.54

Meanwhile, today's rally will certainly push the Weekly Models to Buys on the major stock indexes, erasing late January Weekly Sells.  With this "Duh," the dominant trend would be turning back up.  More stocks, ideas and analysis in the Weekend Update.


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Anonymous said...

I know you want to stay with the weekly trend, but the VIX < 19, doesn't seem like good risk reward to go long here??