Monday, March 08, 2010

Two penny opera

A couple penny ideas from others, just reporting the facts here, or more accurately, the charts:

RVMIF - Daily

ESFS - Weekly


Anonymous said...


well.......I think somebody needs to say ...."I TOLD YA SO"

I said to myself after the special alert over the weekend.....ok, well, maybe I'll just wait a day on it to see what this little stock does.

and this is what it did.

Now what shall we do with it mister H ??

SteveKore said...

Ahh, what timing. You posted the first ever chart of ESFS on the day the volume was...drumroll please..... "0".

Normally volume this low might be a bit off-putting but this may be a signal that people are holding on to their shares because they know there's good news just around the corner. Maybe. Anyway you slice it, this isn't about a short term trade it's about a long-term story. And it's a pretty good one...

The ibox on Investor's Hub:

OzoneSam said...

Eco-SafeUSA, Inc. (ESFS.PK, $0.17)

Imagine picked lettuce staying fresh 21 days. Imagine fresh fish, poultry, and meat remaining free of Salmonella spp, Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli O157:H7 and 200 other pathogens. Stop imagining. Eco-SafeUSA, Inc. makes it happen. Eco-SafeUSA, Inc. manufactures, sells, and leases patent-pending technology that pairs ozone (O3) with water (H2O) to create Nature's safest and most powerful disinfectant and germicide for food products and more.

Features of Eco-SafeUSA’s Ozonated Water Intervention System:
1. Destroys bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi that can cause death or illness;
2. Eliminates need for dangerous or problematic pesticides, bactericides, or chlorine;
3. Up to 50 times more effective and 3000 times faster-acting than a hazard-prone chlorine wash;
4. The sole byproduct of ozonated water is pure oxygen.

The FDA has qualms about chlorine treatment of meat, fish, poultry, and fresh produce. Chlorine is the commonly used disinfectant in food industry. Ozone (approved 2001 by FDA for food) offers a superior alternative to hazardous chemical treatment of foods. Senate bill S.510 FDA Food Safety Modernization Act is the first sweeping and stringent change to a 1938 law that dealt with food and drugs. The bill, if passed into law, arguably motivates the food and restaurant industries to favor non-hazardous ozone-water treatment over dicey chlorine as a method of choice to achieve demonstrable food safety.

Eco-SafeUSA’s Ozonated Water Intervention Systems are compliant with FDA, USDA, and HAACP guidelines and have received NSF and Organic certifications.

The food and food service industries see the ruinous consequences of massive recalls and vengeful lawsuits pursuant to food contamination. Firms have no choice but to find effective, economical solutions to this prevalent and pernicious problem. That is why a growing legion of supermarkets, restaurants and processors of food are turning to Eco-SafeUSA.

When FDA approved ozone treatment of food in 2001, the principals at Eco-SafeUSA seized the opportunity full tilt. CEO Michael Elliot and CTO Michael McCluney co-invented the Company's ozone-water intervention systems and hold patents pending. Thus, Eco-SafeUSA got a big head start serving the grocery, restaurant, and food processing niches and commands significant advantage over competitors.

Named Purchasers or Lessees

·Whole Foods (ABC-TV News showcased Eco-Safe systems used at Whole Foods Markets -Feb 25, 2009)
·Whole Foods Commissary Southwest Region (Serving prepackaged food to 32 Whole Foods Markets; nine such Commissaries serve Whole Foods Markets nationwide U.S.)
·Seafood City (California, Nevada)
·Fresh Direct Grocery (350,000 sq. ft. facility NYC; online fresh produce NYC; 6 Mil Orders since 2002; US$240 Mil annual sales)
·KTA Super Stores (Leading Hawaiian grocery chain)
·Nealey Foods of Chicago (Major meat/poultry/fish wholesaler)
·University of Hawaii Culinary Institute
·Southern Wild Seafoods (Vernon, CA ) (Fish processor)
·Kanaloa Seafood (Santa Barbara, CA) (Fish processor)
·Elat Market (Largest kosher fish market; Los Angeles, CA)
·Golden State Seafood (Supplier to kosher markets in S. Calif.; seafood sales US$1.0 million per month)
·International Marine Products (Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles)
·Niitakaya USA (Japanese foods)
·Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel (Waikiki, HI)
·Ft. Shafter U.S. Army Base (Eco-Safe Laundry System)
·5-Star Raffles L'Ermitage Hotel, Beverly Hills CA (Eco-Safe Laundry System)

Every client that has used the system for the Company’s free six-month trial period has purchased or leased an installation. All users to date say Eco-Safe ozone-water technology exceeds their expectations and has no peer.

ESFS.PK ($0.17); 93 Mil O/S. Company issues independently audited financial reports. PRs mention large unnamed clients. Separately, rumors persist of keen interest by giant firms.

Company website.