Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekends-Only, Stock Trading System

As its name implies, this trade system is run on weekends, trades at the Open on Monday and then does nothing until the following weekend.  It follows my Weekly Trend Following Models insofar as if a new Weekly Signal is generated by prices closing above or below the Reversal Threshold on Friday's Close, then a fresh trade is initiated the following Monday at the Open.

The table below includes twenty stocks that either I already follow in the email subscription service or that I have highlighted in a post over the course of the past few months.  I had the list up to 15 and they were all winners, so I had to search some other charts to come up with a few losers, just to prove losses do happen.  The table is limited to the most recent signal in each stock and there are 7 Buys and 13 Sells with time frames spanning from a few weeks to almost an entire year since the most recent signal.

The prices used for Entries are all at the Open on the Monday following a Weekly Signal, i.e, this system can be run entirely on weekends with all orders placed for the Open on Monday. 



Anonymous said...


DNA (Genentech) appears in your list, but was acquired by Roche for $95.00/share in 2009. The last day that DNA stock was traded was March 26th, 2009.

Allan said...

You're right, DNA came from my historical back-testing data-base and I neglected to pay attention to the dates. I've removed DNA and replaced it with AMGN.

Anonymous said...

How frequently do you send out emails to your subsribers? Are your emails for just hourly, daily, weekly or all of them?

Also, is it possible to show all your tracking symbols - not results or signals of course - to get an idea of what your subscription service gives a subscriber? I am most interested in SCO and UCO, do you have those in the subscription?

Lasertrader said...

Hi always I enjoy regular visits to your blog and appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

Your trend following systems seems to be producing good returns. Since you find systems not only interesting but profitable I want to point you and your readers at some interesting research on a system developed by some ordinary traders that simply amazes me. I dont trade it and am not pumping it but thought you would find it interesting.

Its based on having a basket of stocks and then analyzing their seasonality i.e. the months of the year they do the best, then you buy on the first of the month and sell on the last of the month compounding your gains. The results are simply is a link to the IHUB board and the iBox explains it all with real examples.

Again, i dont trade it and am not pumping it. I am just sharing it because it seems so powerful.

I wish you and everyone all the best


Allan said...

Thanks for your interest in the subscription service.

Emails are sent out as follows:

(1) Daily - full summary of all 40 Trend Models being followed;

(2) Hourly - updates on the SPX Hourly Trend Model, whenever required by market action; Also have occasionally added US Dollar (UUP) Hourly for strategic perspective;

(3) Weekends - Full tables, recaps, discussions and new feature, "Trade of the Week."

As for UCO and SCO, not currently followed but can easily be added if requested, or those two can be traded off of a USO Trend Model with similar results.

Finally, I am thinking of adding new stocks as new signals are generated, in addition to the current list of models.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reply. I am interested in subscribing. When a buy signal is generated on a daily chart, do you recommend or give a stop? Or must one wait for the next signal via email? The reason I ask is, as I'm sure you know, a lot can happen in one day - especially if you are correct in your long term view along with those like Robert Prechter.

Anonymous said...

My apologies, one more question. When are daily emails sent - morning, afternoon, evening, or various times?

Allan said...

Each symbol includes:

Current position, LONG or SHORT;
Price where position REVERSES;
I try to also post alerts where a Reversal is PENDING;
All new positions automatically include new REVERSAL (or STOP, same thing);
When illustrative, I also include annotated charts.

Email updates are sent out throughout the day as needed for the SPX Hourly Model and a new master trend table is sent out every day, a few hours after market close and occasionally before the market open.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Allan.