Monday, February 01, 2010

SPX Daily

I've been updating subscribers on the SPX Hourly Model today, but wanted to give everyone some perspective on the more important SPX Daily Model.

SPX Daily Trend Model

Subscribers know where the SPX Daily Model will flip Long and that number hasn't changed since the last Trend Following Models Weekend Update.  


Yes, we are all billionaires in retrospect (ISCO) .  NNVC is a multi-year story stock and although there are times when short term analysis can be helpful in identifying buying opportunities, over the course of the next 3-4 years, this is a buy and hold put-away stock. 



Anonymous said...

Thanks Allan for spx update.
regarding nnvc i agree it is a longer term story however at some point the management needs to make a move be it with pharma or the government. I realize that it is out of their hands though.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to see 1.30 taken out soon, that seems to be the sticking point where it stalled before

if we could get thru that it could run a bit

t said...

....but i told people ...isco isco isco

they had a chance.

its ok.

remember,this stock is the one that newsletter said will have an 'announcement' feb 5 ...for whatever thats worth...
It might be a nice gamble.
if it pulls back to somewhere reliable like a good fib level in the coming days.

I see ISCO also as a good buy and hold,like NNVC.

but its everyones decision and gamble/risk-reward/invest/or not.

nobody knows who i am so they cant rely on my vision,like they can yours.
I just 'got lucky' 6 weeks ago.

I like ISCO as a longterm hold for the same reason we like NNVC.

full moon reversal zone happening now.

silver and gold miners are making their first thrust upward. (looking for pullback next and ...?? blastoff? to target.(Bounce Target)

Oil stocks are stagnating.

MRNA (biotech like nnvc and isco)

looks like its getting ready to blast up very soon at .95
I see a quick target at 1.20-1.25 in and out.

not advising just noticing

Anonymous said...

we need the full moon reversal to help out nnvc lol

Anonymous said...

mmmm...I just do love my Plunge Protection Team.
I love 'em so much.

Anonymous said...

no we dont need the full moon reversal to help out nnvc

we need you to contribute smart quips that have no value but for the germs of spittle.

But thanks for letting me talk some more.

My portfolio is up 5 % today because of .....oooooh
you want me to say 'nnvc' dont ...its because of my gold miners and the full moon thrust reversal,which will take me (if I'm lucky) back to break even where I will sell the shit.
and wait a month and 1/2 for better prices.
Its up 5 % because of ISCO which I alerted folks to a month ago...but nobody reads my posts .

and because of UPWRF which I tolf folks about a month ago ,but nobody reads my posts ...

I like and own
waiting to buy
the one gold miner I will hold is

and then in maybe 7 to 10 days,I will look to follow whatever Allan's triggers tell me to do.shorting the market down to the end of march early april.

Thats my plan. subject to change.

The lunar cycles do work as a timing indicator. I'm certain now.

Anonymous said...

just give me the full and new moon and my plunge protection team.
plus my gazillion newsletters and allan's blog.
no heart attack today
but theres always tomorrow's stroke.

Anonymous said...

with nnvc, it doesn't that there is any news pending that could move it up
the trials they are doing seem to be a ways off before anything comes from them

just my opinion but what will drive the stock,

Anonymous said...

Well allan mentioned a while ago that there could be news that could triple NNVC overnite.

That seems a bit optimistic but i wouldn't argue.

Personaly i would be happy with $1.50 by summer.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the IPO price was for NNVC>


Anonymous said...

NNVC,IMO,will see.60 before it sees 1.2...There are many loopholes to the way Seymour operates. I Don't trust him,and I've known him since 1988.

Anonymous said...

WOW, that's comforting to know seeing as Allan has got us all in.

Anonymous said...

GNVC,will only going up from here . Those who thought 1.35, are wrong. 1.67 was the bottom, and I expect huge news soon!

Anonymous said...

ISCO up 40% today, wow

up 400% since jan 1

and then there is nnvc

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a lot of nnvc bashing lately as it has fallen back from 1.3

Anonymous said...

Allan since you picked NNVC as your stock of the year, do you have a year end target?

Anonymous said...

Now is the best time to go long, we have had our correction. Lots of good stuff coming out, so get on the train dow to 15000.
my picks fas,tna, erx, uym
things are better than expected! everything is great. Be a leader be a bull.

Anonymous said...

I kind of like the idea of having a core holding in the biotech 'homerun potentials'... AND another account of 'trading' /speculating the same biotechs.
Using the fib levels,MA's,full moon, whatever gives you good vision.
and IF any of then spike Up...sell the trading position ,take the profit,and wash and repeat at the next good correction.

doesnt that sound easy??

Anonymous said...

sarcasm is funny but sometimes confusing to some.

Anonymous said...

Like others here, i too am beginning to think that nnvc is not all its cracked up to be to be totally honest about it.

Other than the spike that occured around the time of the article in Agora, it has not done a lot the fast few years.

In addition, the hype surrounding it here borders on mania and when one looks deeper into the company the sizzle AT THE MOMENT is just not there.

Had you bought any of the other stocks that Patrick Cox spoke of you would be a lot further ahead.

Just sayin

Anonymous said...

agree totally, i got caught up in the "mania" and bought too high

now that the dust has settled am under water

i will hold a bit but starting to have doubts

Anonymous said...

mood is pretty grim on ihub board too regarding nnvc

some guy sold 30K shares today and questions seymour's ability

Anonymous said...

NNVC is a fraud. This was Allan's stock of the year last year too.

The website is lame as is the management. They are making the same statements now that they were making two years ago and still nothing close to IND status.

To anyone new here, due your homework before you get caught up in the the 10,000 share purchase that will be worth $1,000,000 in 4 yrs. Go back and read how Allan has been pumping this for years. The company lacks the money to move their drugs through the process and the management is ineffective and weak.

Don't be the next sucker.

Allan said...

Hey Anonymous,

Grow a pair and have the strength of your convictions to identify yourself, as I do, and support your premise with facts and logic, as I have done countless times, all here, all archived, all available for review and critical evaluation by anyone, for the price of the little time it takes to read and think.

I stand behind everything I have ever written about NNVC, notwithstanding the vagaries of day to day price fluctuations.


Edwardo said...

Allan, I must admit I am perplexed as to why you don't remove the offending poster.

t said...

Speaking of Patrick Cox's biotech picks....let me correct you a little...

not all of those biotech are doing great. I own them all... a few are holding steady at an ordinary level, in fact did not move up with today's big push,which does have me feeling cautious about BTIM.

MRNA,as I posted earlier today does look ready to pop a bit, but did not pop today. its done a major spike in the last month and came right back down.

LTBR is the nuclear play that is in a range between 6 and 7.50 resistance at 7.50 area. with potential to be trouble below 6.

GERN is holding at support 5.40 going nowhere fast after being higher last month.

ISCO is the only real homerun so far.

GNVC was not one of Patricks picks.

NNVC is a good feeling if you bought it under .85

an uncomfortable feeling if you bought it at 1.10 or higher.

t said...

and just fer fun...I'd like to predict, for fun only, that NNVC will not go lower than .70 ever again.
lets say 60 ish to 70 ish
to give me a cushion.

the new benchmark will become the 1.00 area by later this year into next year.

Anonymous said...

c'est bébé sexy, Alizee - J'en Ai Marre

Monday 2/1/10 - both the NYSE & Nasdaq SUMMATION INDEX fell today even as the related rose.

Anonymous said...

...Just give me one more day like today,bring the s+p up to touch 1100

and I'll Sell everything except my homeruns and homerun potentials.

I swear I will.


waiting to buy gold bullion around 1000/980 in march/april

waiting for a nice tip from your priory of scion

waiting for TTM @ 13
TRGL at 10-10.50(watch for it)...or wait through march(cycle timing) if markets go lower.

UPWRF under .90

NNVC under.90

JIN.TO (JINFF) at 2.50
(2.00 would be a gift)

ISCO... 1.40 maybe
1.20 would be a gift
the timing would probably be thursday feb 4.

I happened to see from Patrick Cox's biotech picks
BTIM ...WAS ALREADY a homerun from last year. A year and a half ago it was 70 cents. went to 4/5 dollars where its at now.
I might not have bought so much if I had noticed that.
oh well.

"the stress of sitting on profits feels the same as the stress of sitting on losses"

Anonymous said...

Response to T

do you reaaly think nnvc could be stuck around a dollar this year and next possibly?

If they announce some news surely it would pop big time

gary said...

Boy this ANONYMOUS guy bashing NNVC just doesn't quit...he even responds to himself...Not Too Obvious!! He also just appeared on the IHUB Boards as WhiteMule81 and claims he invested $70,000+ blindly and now he's mad that he did since NNVC dropped back a bit...probably a youngster just playing with his first stock.....OR Could it be SHORT??? All the winners come out as a company gains recognition!!

Anonymous said...

Apology to the board

Guys, i know i got carried away the past few days. I have been having some personal problems due to the economy and my employment.

I am not a short or a basher. I own a big chunk of this and want nothing more than to see it go up.

That said, i did rush into this and did my dd in hind sight, stupid, i know.

I will behave from here on out.
Hope you all will forgive my childishness

gary said...

Sorry Anonymous WhiteMule81....we WILL NOT forgive you for Bashing Allan and NNVC!!! GROW UP!!!

Anonymous said...

gary, i have emailed allan privately and apologized and explained in greater detail what is going on in my life

remeber to err is human, to forgive devine