Tuesday, February 09, 2010

UUP follow-up

UUP 5 minute


Anonymous said...

I had thought I saw a gravestone doji at the top the other day followed by another doji ...and it looked like a reversal could be forecast ,correcting to the shoulder from last week, before another leg up.
this would correspond to the ABC corrective wave thats being expected in the S+P .....maybe to the 1080-85-90 area before its wave 3 bombs away.
or wave C to 1030 -1020 area.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the dollar.......

I'm watching Paulson be interviewed by none other than Mr. Buffett.

Interestingly, Warren probed him a bit on his own personal portfolio.

Lets just say that segment gave me no confidence in the U.S.A going foreward !

I better go, they just started talking about both their GS investments.

Deflect, deflect, deny.......

Anonymous said...

I just read an advisory which explained todays market rally triggered by the news of Germany bailing out Greece

Anonymous said...

2010 is all about the end of the bull market in US Treasury bond.

That is the market to follow in order to get indication of where the SMkt is going.

Today you saw SMkt rally big as Chinese threaten economic warfare by selling their horde of US Tbonds.

Notice also, that the bear fund that went up today was: SRS, real estate which is dependent upon low bond yields, low mortgage rates.

DON'T BE FOOLED BY PRECHTER's hard-on for Treasuries.