Monday, February 22, 2010

Global Market Perspective

EWI is offering the latest edition of Global Market Perspective for free, which can be had by hitting the following link: Global Market Perspective. 

 Below is the opening chart and a short excerpt from this issue of GMP:

"The Dow's break of the its 10-month trendline from the March low indicates that the next major decline is underway.  This break aligns U.S. equities with a decline in foreign currencies, precious metals, commodities and oil, all of which turned down previously.  There should be no place to diversify from the intensifying bear market."
Is this chart a road map for the rest of 2010?  We don't know yet, but if it is there will be a tremendous amount of profitable trades to be had, which is one of the reasons I initiated the Trend Models and subscription service on January 1st.  Best case, we ride the third wave down in trend mode, through indexes, ETF's and individual stocks.  Worst case, this analysis is wrong, but we still ride the trend models on a daily basis for whatever opportunities, up, down, or both, which may be presented through our rule-based trading system.  This is a high probability strategy and we are at the cusp of what should be an outstanding pay-off, looking back in about 12 months.

For now, back to the  EWI's description of the content included in Global Market Perspective:

EWI is giving away one month of its most popular global analysis publication, a 100+ page "little black book" of investment insights called Global Market Perspective, which includes EWI's three regional publications:

The U.S. Elliott Wave Financial Forecast ($19/month value)
The European Elliott Wave Financial Forecast ($29/month value)
The Asian-Pacific Elliott Wave Financial Forecast ($31/month value)
PLUS, the 100+ page book includes analysis culled straight from EWI's professional-grade Specialty Services, each of which is valued at $199/month. This means you also get analysis and forecasts for the following global markets:

World stock markets (China, Japan, Korea, U.S, France, Britain, Australia, Singapore and more)
Global interest rates (Australia, Europe, Japan, U.S.)
International currency relationships (U.S. Dollar, Euro rates, Swiss Francs, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen and more)
Metals and Energy (Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, Natural Gas)

Occasionally I put up an offer from EWI because I think its a good deal.  The chart above, lifted from GMP without permission, is explained in more detail in over 50 pages of analysis of world stock markets. Although I think the Trend Models are sufficient for our trading needs, I also like having a big picture backdrop for what could be a historic period of financial turmoil, or not.

Meanwhile the first 90 minutes of trading this Monday morning have been uneventful.  Ergo, a plug for EWI and a lifted chart well worth the time to consider its implications.



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Another huge volume day today. Da ya think maybe someone knows something?

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LOWRY: The lowest risk period for new buying


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Eventually they will get it right,
but not anytime soon.

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who is Allan Lowry ???

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any chance you could post the latest charts on nnvc