Thursday, February 04, 2010

SPX Trend Models




For the benefit of those following the Trend Models through my email service, here are the SPX charts for relevant time frames. The price levels are as they were in the last email update.  Note that the Daily Model is now "Pending" and will trigger if it closes as it is now trading, under the Daily SELL level.



Anonymous said...

If we jump in the market
the manipulators will screw us tomorrow.
We can't win!

Anonymous said...

Do I move away from the daily pivots to the weekly pivots now so I can remain inflated instead of flat?

Anonymous said...

It was hard to take a long position on SSO at the opening on 2-3-10. Tough to close the same position at the close today.

Sticking with the system with a disciplined entry on SDS at the opening price tomorrow. Ready for a stiff gin this evening.

Link McGinnis said...

I ain't real bright; but I've got to think we *could have some rebound in the am from profit-taking, etc. I could be convinced otherwise, but I'm thinking about giving the market about 30 minutes to talk to me before jumping on these big moves. It's easier to swallow a pull-back buy than it is to jump on board 1st thing.

Thoughts? Is this taking the reins from the models?

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,you called the market a sell in 2008 before it crashed and warned us Ben Bernanke making Times "Man of the Year" was a sure sell signal, which was brilliant! Do you still believe in P3? Because a lot of perma bears were definitely scared out of the markets. Thanks, Rob from Chesterfield MI.

Anonymous said...


I read recently that nnvc got additional financing that will carr them through Dec 2010. That is not that far away.

What if nothing positive happens between now and than? What if the govt deal doesn't come through?

What do you see happening?


Anonymous said...

I have been trying to optimize your ATR Trend model using TradeStation for EDZ for the daily settings. I don't seem to be able to generate any profitable performance over time. I am using an ATR period from 3-15 increment of 1 and the ATR factor from 0.75-3.5 increment of 0.1. What am I doing wrong or are you only going with long or short trades?

Allan said...

Try 7 day look-back and 1.5 multiplier.