Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Longer term leverge

Below a chart of my SDS Weekly Trend Following Model, currently in it second week of a new Long Trend.

Note to Subscribers:

As promised, the subscription rate for new subscribers to the Trend Following Service is now $100 month.  For anyone who wrote me last weekend about trouble signing up with PayPal, I'll honor the $50 rate, but will need to create a special Subscription link for you, so write me at allallan@me.com.

Current subscribers are locked in at $50/month, write me at above address if you have any administrative issues.



t said...

Tuesday feb2
10 am eastern

ISCO is correcting now
around 1.50 area.so far

Anonymous said...

Lunchtime tuesday feb 2 update on
ISCO.........corrected now to 1.38

thats in a zone around the 50 % fib .... youve gotta calculate it precise for yourself.
next s/r stop would be 1.20 area