Friday, February 05, 2010

US Dollar vs. GLD

UUP Weekly

GLD Weekly

As the above Weekly charts suggest, something major has changed and what we are seeing across global financial markets may very well be directly correlated to this big picture turn.


Anonymous said...

Yes but....
I just looked at the GDX chart and gold miners are ripe for a good correction rally .
you know,...nothing moves in a straight line.

Anonymous said...

plus... imagine the knee jerk reaction that could happen when gold hits the magic 1000 mark. kind of like what just happened after S+P hit and bounced off 1100.

I wouldnt want to be on the wrong side of that impulse.

Allan said...

I bought the March $23 UUP calls yesterday, paying 65c with very little time premium for about six weeks of US Dollar action. If this rally continues, those calls will leverage up very nicely.

R said...

I don't get it. Where is the chart key?

Anonymous said...

GDX chart
looks like its bouncing ,where it should.

Allan said...

UUP up 0.70%

March calls = +18.00%

Allan said...

FXE (Euro-ETF) = -0.92%

Feb ATM puts = +90.91%

Anonymous said...

UUP is approaching the July 2009 level.....GLD hasnt even reached the november 2009 low yet.

looks to me like gold,silver and the respective miners are holding up better in this correction.

as are the biotech stocks.

It would be a very welcome development IF the markets were to stop being an "all one market" the way Prechter says they are. They have been last year or two but ...stay tuned.

Maybe there can be 'safe havens' for the next cycle down.

maybe that shows the Game Riggers ,Elite Controllers are losing some of their grip on complete control.
Maybe china is getting a stronger say in the gold situation.