Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SPX 120 a/k/a 2-hour

My flagship short-term timing vehicle is the SPX Hourly Model.  Those particular thresholds are reserved for the private email list.  Nonetheless, the SPX 120 minute, which is also known in some western states and Canada as a "Two-hour" does have a revealing look to it this morning:

SPX 120 minute also known as a "2-hour"


Anonymous said...


Speak to us maestro
NNVC is down again
Please tell Dr. Seymour to throw the masses a bone.

Anonymous said...

To my semi trained eye, this wave structure from the strong thrust up last friday,thru the sideways correction in the last few days,looks like its evolving as an ABC ,rather than a 5 wave Up.
If thats the case,given the trend change down starting around january 11,as a major trend change down....if this is the 'wave 2' correction evolving

probability would be for one wave leg up .... somewhere near the s+p 1090 area(1085-1100)

Allan said...


Go over to the iHub NNVC board and read this post:

Anonymous said...

regarding NNVc, (I'm not 'the maestro '...I'm a synchophant)
so I can speak to the trolls.

Spend a little time and effort to study chart analysis,(if you know how) maybe you dont,so all you can do is be sarcastic....which is just demonstrating your own lack of analytical power. so I will lend you my own.

if you study the NNVC chart,and see what it shows,using fibs ,s/r levels,wave counts,cycle timing and any other good indicators... you would see that a healthy correction from the most recent high was in order.
My charting shows that it 'ought to correct' to the .90/.89 area in the next few weeks....that would not be shocking...and from there may jump again or cruise again to target as high as 1.40 but play around 1.00.

and even after that,chart shows a possibility of another slide down ,maybe even as low as the .70-.75 area...which by my chart ,my belief, would be the 'last chance' to see NNVC at the .70 area.

.89-90 is my new median level,'low' and the 1.00 area is the new standard level.
the way the chart lines look,makes me think it could be possible some day in the summer to see a drop to .80-70.
but before it hits .70
I think it will jump to 1.40.

right now,I anticipate a slide to .89 developing this support level.

Anonymous said...

not a troll, just looking for some reassurance

allan, i read that post on ihub and the thing that concerns me is that they have not selected which one to do the tox studies on yet