Monday, February 08, 2010


Below a Daily chart of AT&T.  Note six trades, of which only three were very profitable. Look deeper.  Two periods of congestion, whipsaws, back-to-back reversals.  Each time was followed by long, profitable trends that lasted weeks. 

T Daily

This the core strategy of my Trend Following Models and it applies to every time frame.  Get this concept down and these models will be very good to you.



Anonymous said...


I'm here to make money, and a LOT of it real fast- the idea behind your blog as stated to the right. Have been following your signals and frankly they are a bit wishy washy.

Also I am way down on NNVC and , following your advice, was short through last years 10 month bull move.

Can you clarify?

Allan said...

Comments like this make me want to go back to moderation, requiring at a minimum a fake name in order post anything. "Wishy-washy" is anything but the nature of the signals I have posted here. The truth is I have singles out and posted some of the very best signals the trend models have generated, just to showcase what is possible with the system. For anyone to characterize those signals as wishy-washy, or worse yet, to suggest I advised anyone to stay short during a 10 month bull market, is highly suggestive of someone with an agenda, or a lying sob, or maybe just a complete idiot who should be monitored 24/7 for his or her own safety.

I hope that answers your "question."

Anonymous said...


I for one have made a ton of $$ on your picks. Not on NNVC yet but the other stuff is pure gold.

Don't let the turkeys get you down. We are behind you. You didn't get 1 million hits on this because you are losing $$.

Phil in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

Well done on a really excellent blog. Do you have an e-mail or private message facility please? I cannot seem to find one anywhere.

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Allan, but I do have a "bone to pick with you."

I've made so much $$ from you and your work that I keep adding wings to my house with the profits and I am out of land space.


Phil (15,000 sq ft and counting)

Mike T said...

If you do the back testing from Allan's blog archive there is nothing wishy washy about it. Stop being ignorant. Just look at the weekly SPX calls Allan made....Go long ~750 in March. Go Short ~1130 in January. Two trades, currently up 60%. What more do you want?!

Anonymous said...



Without being rude, maybe you can ( or already have ) GIVE ALLAN 5% ROYALTY ON ALL YOU MAKE OVER 10,000.00.

I have not made so much, but,one day,.....

Anonymous said...


just for the record, that was not me bashing

mike c (whitemule)

Anonymous said...

Allan I have a question, why the last long trade on dec 21 a profitable trade? Based on EOD, when the last short is confirmed, the price is lower than the dec 21 closing price right? Thanks