Sunday, February 28, 2010

Between Silver and Gold

"Requiring the United States to beat favored Canada two times in eight days was a monumental task; under Olympic formats used until the 1990s, when there wasn't a true gold-medal game, the earlier victory and the Americans' unbeaten record would have been enough for gold.

So there you have it,  over the rules in place since the inception of ice hockey in the winter Olympics, in the true spirit of international sports competition without the crass commercial big dollar interference of ego-capitalism, the US Hockey team did indeed deserve and did win the Gold Medal in one of the most stunning upsets in 30 years.  Only instead, we will throw a bone to the under-achiever goons of Oh Canada, who barely beat three of the seven teams it faced, including the Swiss and Slovakia, who were outscored by one goal in the two games played against the Americans  and who should have waltzed to a Gold Medal without the drama or flick of anyone's wrist. 

Sigh, what else is there to write about on a Sunday night?  Bitter?  No I am not bitter at all. The Americans winning Silver and taking the big, bad burly Canadians to overtime, where they took a skater off of each team, letting them play four on four, just to get the damn thing over with, well, kudos to those boys, the most inexperienced team in the tournament with only three players having played in any prior Olympics.

If ever there was victory in coming in second, honor in losing, a reason to celebrate the short end of a 3-2 score, this was it.  Say what you will about how wonderful it is for Canada to bring home the Gold, it was America bringing home the Silver that is the story of this day, of this Olympics, of International Hockey at its best.

That's what there is write about on a Sunday night.

Now on to Big Love.



Sandy said...

Get over it Allan.

We repeatedly cheered and admired the Americans...whose intensity and drive was, for the most part greater than anyone else's in the games, even our team's.

But the battle is over. And we won. Period.

A congrats would be nice.

Anonymous said...

no,no.... its just becoming more clear now....God loves Canada more than he loves the USA.

as it should be

t said...


watch the price action this week the top for resistance around the 1.37 - 1.40 area

Bouncing and failing enough times brings it Down.

and down means looking for the next best buying entry point.

LB said...

Market Observations from Little Brain.

Market opens UP monday.
be careful ,dont chase it,

watch it for some big whipsaw fake out . could happen any time this week.

if you want to go long.....wait for a 50 % correction off the last upwave,wait for that whipsaw down.

if youre looking to go looks like its giving us the set up now....pulling the rubber band.

I think I see short term scalps in this zone. a range zone

volatile. whipsaw action.

anxious for longer term direction.... needs patience still.

like last week.
waiting for another cycle to finish baking.
into the next cycle.


little brain

Anonymous said...

Well,oopsie sooner did I say watch nnvc at this top and there she goes plunging 6 cents in the blink of a nye.


Anonymous said...

Suck it up Allan,

We kicked your ass fair and square!
You couldn't have had a more gracious host too.

Regarding the OLYMPICS as a whole, I'm still in awe of all the athletes. (Winners and losers). What heart!


Anonymous said...

Mr. T

Are you looking for NNVC to go back to 1.00 level?
Do we sell and buy the dips?


I think Canada were awesome hosts.
Canada played that last game as champs and they should have won!

t said...

good sir, I appreciate your recognition of my thought processes,but you always approach my posts (me) with questions about 'what you should do'...and thats not the right frame of mind for yourself to take.
You have to know what youre doing,Yourself. You have to have your own expertise and understanding,and from doing your own due diligence,make your own decisions.
I'm happy to offer my thoughts but thats all they are. sometimes right and sometimes wrong.
Plus,this is not my blog so I have to control my own blathering.

having said all that, I hope for you to have a more self directed frame of mind.

I like NNVC,exactly the way Allan does. and my thoughts are the same.
I spend all day at the computer watching every minute of market action.
and then I study all night until I go into a coma.

I like several 'homerun' stocks.nnvc is one of them I watch.
ISCO,UPWRF,TRGL,JIN.TO (jinff) GNVC, a few others,worth watching.

Right now, UPWRF is making a much greater correction. I'd love to see it go down even more to a greater s/r bottom, and if the energy timing is fortuitous,the full moon could whipsaw this stock back up to greater dimensions. It would give folks a great buying opportunity.
LOOK AT UPWRF now. and find your risk tolerance buy in entry point. I havent examined the chart yet today so I cant say what my next entry point would be .
But I can say that I am (if you can believe it) even More excited about UPWRF than I am about NNVC right now.

UPWRF is an oil
exploration company with the right to a large tract of sea floor off the coast of Namibia,which studies are showing a Huge oil field (think TUPI) and this is the ground floor to what would be like owning petrobras at 1.00

thats what UPWRF is.
IF/When they strike the black gold, they might get bought out by a major that might define the homerun totals , but that might be a million dollar NNVC. worth examining.

do your homework.
I've shown you the doorway on this one.

as for bottom levels with NNVC to buy. do your homework. fibs and trendlines ,and EMA's and SMA's etc, should give you some clues.

and do me a favor and please dont call me Mr. t. I dont deserve any such recognition.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Sir,

I just believe in the lunar cycles and your posts do intrigue me,
I am here because I have great respect for Allan, I do work hard and do my homework, I am sorry if I overstepped my interest in your thoughts.

I have confidence in my work, I did not think ( at least in my point of view ) that I was leaning too heavily on your words.
Please excuse me again, it will never happen again.


t said...

hi its mister t again. Ok I looked at UPWRF chart. It made a giant drop this morning to 1.75
I see 20 MA and 50 MA a bit lower,pivot points in the 1.65 -1.50 area.

Hard to make guesses about the best entry price.
If I owned none, I might make a first buy as close to 1.50 as I could.

These penny stocks can take a while to make that downward curve into a new bottom holding area. That floor might end up being ,or hitting someplace below 1.50

for a while.

Strategically,like with NNVC, its a long term core holding. the important key is to own some. I would consider a 'first buy' even now at 1.75 ... certainly not a full position, but maybe a 1/3 position.
My own allocation is for about $10 k to 20 K as a core holding. I have about 2/3 of that now.
Put another way I weould want it to be about 10 % of my stock portion -investing account.

I would watch the price action this week. today represents the third wave in a correction down. there might be a 5th wave in a day or so ....OR there might Not Be.
and 1.75 would be the bottom. there might become a double bottom at 1.75 and that would spell the 'best buy' opportunity ,maybe.

then ....depending on the market energy cycle in the coming month or two....who can say where the market will 'bottom' in this larger cycle...and whether small indepently moving stocks like NNVC,ISCO,UPWRF etc, will move in tandem with the market. or how closely in tandem, maybe a little or alot.... or not at all.

I think UPWRF will be independent of the market for the most part. Like the stem cell stocks.
and watching it for fib levels,and MA's and pivot points and trendlines and elliott waves ....and the full moon...which is NOW....would be a fair way to play this issue.

this is not trading advice just my thoughts.
If I owned none. I might consider buying 1/3 now at 1.75-1.65
1/3 at 1.50 -1.40
and double the whole thing at 1.25 or below.

basic 50% fibs from key tops and bottoms are showing price points around
weekly 20 EMA = 1.14
daily 20 EMA = 1.63
daily 20 SMA = 1.52
daily 50 EMA = 1.27
daily Full Stochastics (now) = downwave @ 62,heading toward the 50 (bouncing off the 50 might be nice timing)

Daily RSI= same thing

summary..... I might wait just another day or two and see if price drops to the 1.65-1.60 area ,matched by the 50 level on the RSI,

BUT what if 1.75 holds up firm. what would you do.

t said...

no offense meant,none taken. t

t said...

Mr.Anon,I believe in the lunar cycles too. lets study them together . what are your thoughts on the lunar cycles. but wait, this is Allan's blog .we should be polite.

if he gives us a guest blog spot ,maybe we can generate a good study.

t said...

Updating Daily action on UPWRF. at noontime (est)
appears to be in a wave 5 down...finished wave 4 friday.and began wave 5 of 5 friday afternoon. in subwave 1 and 2 completed friday.....opened monday with a big wave 3 5 subwaves completed....working on subwave 4 now ,waiting to see subwave 5 to complete this 5 wave down structure.
it becomes 5 of 5 of 5 to complete the current correction wave.
looks like price hit the 1.66-1.68 area,which fulfills fib and MA targets.
watching this last move down,to create a solid bottom somewhere. looks like it could be a fair entry price point for first buy.

BUT ,the current zone is a whipsaw energy zone with the full moon happening. (I know that sounds way to sci-fi,sorry)
suffice to say, wave action could take prices lower as the week and weeks go along.

but strategic investing logic calls for scaling into positions sometimes and this would be one of those price point,fibonnacci,indicator,elliott wave times for this stock .
The elliott wave looks like a good abc correction has happened.

a big plunge down offers the set up for a big whipsaw reversal at this time.

As I mentioned I personally prefer entering at lower price points....but 1.68 area is noteworthy by technical analysis standards and indicators.

double bottoms, oversold indicators, etc .... signals that offer clues