Sunday, February 28, 2010

(I Want To) Come Home


Anonymous said...

Laudate Dominum - Katherine Jenkins

We have witnessed in life just a few special couples that are essentially [Aquinas] connected. Some have had the ability to look, from across the room, at the back of their beloved and get them to turn around and "look with them at themselves".

Others, perhaps yet to manifest such obvious connection, grow towards it--beginning with an expanding sense of humility, a profoundly deep sense of gratitude for being blessed with their beloved who has for them an increasing and inviting measure of unconditional positive regard [Carl Rogers].

These people comprehend one another in such a way that silence together is comfortably communal--much unlike those who without chatter would become ill-at-ease, or set adrift into themselves or outwardly to be captured by others or ensnared in stuff.

When they address each other, they speak the language of the heart. Babbling they might do in moments of play. Articulate, lengthy discourse after a Shakespeare. And plain talk too. Whatever: words and sounds-like-words much be the same, for these people do not so much make communication as that they connect.

Such couples do not announce their specialty by wearing matching sweat-shirts to stadiums nor coordinated sweaters to Christmas parties. One does not forage for an identity in the other; nor does either forsake a me for their us even though their us is semi-divine. Their us does not lord over either of them. They are each and together emotionally wealthy.

They are authentically human. They are as Maslow described self actualizing; as Buddha, awake; as Jesus, childlike.

lux tua nos ducat

khalid said...

in full praise.

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