Monday, February 08, 2010

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FXP was $220 in October, 2008.  Below is the first Weekly BUY SIGNAL since then.  Govern yourselves accordingly.

FXP Weekly


Anonymous said...


great work you are doing here

i have an off topic question; i know how you feel about nnvc but also that you rec gnvc not too long ago

at this point do you have a favorite between the two for a short term trade


Anonymous said...

I am wondering why you chart these leveraged instruments, rather than the underlying.

Anonymous said...

RE: I am wondering why you chart these leveraged instruments, rather than the underlying.

case in point as to why he does what he does is illustrated by UNG vs. NatGas.


Vanilla Mood

Mike said...

gotta respect a weekly....that's a strong signal.

thanks for posting.


Anonymous said...

Allan, You my friend are a badass discovering and testing out this system.Ive been watching closely since october . Installed the software in dec and started trading real money jan 4th.3 hours of research and some time to install,another 5 mins to tune the parameters and bam!.What a serious money making machine. 2010 is starting off great. Esignal isnt cheap and your 100 bux a month is a bargain for no brainer signals.Anyone who doubts this hasnt even tried for longer than a few days to get results. 98% of everything you read on markets is pure crap and 2% is useful. This is the part of the 2%. Trust the signal , absorb the small losses and enjoy the trending gains.I hope to be back in the green in 2010 after losing my shirt in 08 and just not able to trade in 09 because i didnt and still dont believe in the hope "Rally". With a solid system i dont have to be a bull or a bear, IM BOTH!!Long live the 2x and 3x funds long and short.Allan much thanks
PS: look at the look at the Preferred Stoch. under DiNapoli in your esig formula library , i find it very useful.
Los Angeles

Wayne said...

Hey Allan, completely off topic, but did you co-author this book?


Allan said...


Yes, I wrote a chapter on TA, many years ago, actually, last century.


Anonymous said...

Dear Allan,
I wonder if there was an etf on 13 week treasury bill.
Best regards

curt504 said...

Rick, Allan, I sub to Allan's service but I too would like to setup my own trading platform but driven from IB or DTN data etc.

What's the tuning of the signal line(s) in your trend following system?

I'd like to have a sub-group to email about setup/running ones own trading system like this? Email me:

Thanks Curt

Anonymous said...

You say FXB was 220 in Oct. 2008, yet I see the charts and the highest it ever got to was 187. Whats the deal?