Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Claus von Bülow

Will today be the day that the Daily Trend Models signal a reversal of fortune for the equity markets?  We will know if and when the Daily Models breach thresholds at the close.  Before the Daily Models fall, the 240 minute models must go first, in the case of these models, by mid-day.

Below a graphical portrait of just how close some 240 minute models are to turning:

SDS 240 minute

SPX 240 minute

EDZ 240 minute

TZA 240 minute

DJIA 240 minute

At the trial in Newport, von Bülow was found guilty and sentenced to thirty years in prison; he appealed, hiring Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz to represent him. Dershowitz's campaign to acquit von Bülow was assisted by the then Harvard Law School student and later television personality Jim Cramer; Cramer privately and later publicly considered von Bülow to be "supremely guilty".[3] Professor Dershowitz and associates rendered doubtful the first trial's most damning evidence and testimony; in 1984 the conviction was reversed; in 1985, after a second trial, von Bülow was found not guilty on all charges.   

Professor Dershowitz wrote the book Reversal of Fortune: Inside the von Bülow case (1985) that was cinematically adapted as Reversal of Fortune (1990). Jeremy Irons starred as Claus von Bülow (a performance which won him both the Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Actor), and Glenn Close as Sunny von Bülow.


t said...

nice commentary.
I was too young and naiive about elite power back then to understand how there are 2 sets of laws for the 2 separate sets of classes.

when i see the word 'reversal' I'm compelled now to think ..."wheres the moon"
and I'm still impressed that it still seems to be working as a true indicator. I dont know how it works but I keep seeing the way it does work.

Full moon energy zone starts friday feb 26 and comes full monday march 1.
wave structures look to be coming into the train station.... in so many charts.
look at DXD and DOG.

its like the energy is starting to coil up.
I look for a first push reversal followed by some sort of whipsaw ,little or big, and somehow the "real" reversal will make its genuine move......after that.
maybe monday? tuesday?
given the right price points and finished waves.

Soon......not yet,but Soon.

friday will show better vision.

the cake is still baking.

Anonymous said...

Cramer privately and later publicly considered von Bülow to be "supremely guilty".[3]

Proof positive that Von Bulow was innocent.

Anonymous said...


Isco is going up!

wish I bought..hope you are correct and will reverse to 1.00 level.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to know the top trading etf's that you use. Also, do you use them regularly as part of a trading plan.

t said...

Yes,ISCO went up today.they go up and they come down. But its never good to chase a stock.

I have a watchlist of dozens of great stocks that I'm waiting and waiting to come down to my buy price.
Many if not most of those 'buy 'prices correspond to last years July bottom,or June top,or august low,...
s/r levels that would be natural stopping points. and where I would be 'comfortable' to buy and hold,and not freak out if the market takes prices even below that.

A stock like MRNA, which Allan is featuring in the blog now...is on my list, and I just owned it (at .90,from last november)....watched it jibber jabber around .90....but seeing the cliff drop off below .90,to .80 and .70 and .50, the chart looks a bit scarey to me.... to watch it sputter around .90 ,and I bought a little too much....I decided to sell it and wait and see if it comes down and makes a bottom and a bounce at .80 or .75.

Thats just my strategy for taking a cautious approach to the gamble .
It could backfire on me tomorrow IF NNVC takes off here at 1.00 ,as Allan's chart shows that potential.
Well, then I'll miss this chance...for not staying patient since november.and I'll be in the same position as you are regarding ISCO.having to watch and wait.

A big part of the logic has to do with the expectation/belief/elliott wave/fear factor/market fundamentals/whatever way you want to define the possible Trend Change -Down that may have begun december and january,ongoing now until it stops....forecasting more down movement still.

IF the market is waiting for the other shoe to drop ,and could happen any time soon, I want to wait on buying any stocks now, wait and see what kind of down turn is coming off this pullback rally.

and the hope would be that stocks like ISCO,GNVC, or any others worth buying, might drop along side the market into a better buy zone.

Even watching NNVC right now, it could easily make a double top soon, and reverse pretty hard back down to test a bottom area,like .80 area.

on the top side I have charted a target of 1.40 area
If I had to guess,timing wise, I dont think NNVC will get to 1.40 unless it goes there in the next 3 days IF it gets there this week, I might bew tempted to sell my 'trading portion' (I have a hold for life portion and a trading portion)

But if NNVC stalls at the double top,1.30 area....... I would strongly caution anyone interested in buying it here.
Letting it come down again to under a dollar,would be the technical thing to do... as a trader.

Only because when a Double Top is made, and the cycle timing is alerting a direction reversal Down..... one has to pause and watch what the strength of the down energy shows you .
Watching NNVC at this point,in my minds eye,wants to see what the resistance is at the 1.20-1.30 area AND if it bounces down from that,watching what the support strength is holding up at the 1.00 area