Wednesday, February 17, 2010


NNVC 120 minute

 GNVC 240 minute

The blockbuster news from these two stocks is still out in the future, how far out is almost impossible to theorize.  Maybe the blue trend bars are suggesting that news is coming sooner rather then later.  Or maybe they suggest nothing of a substantive nature and are just random occurrences in an arbitrary universe.  It does seem that these trend models will cover whichever of the two foregoing explanations is operative.



Anonymous said...

thanks for the update allan

i read yesterday that patrick Cox (Agora Financial) reiterated on nnvc. Could have accounted for the pop?


Anonymous said...


Does the pop stay?
Is (Agora Financial) the only reason why this pop occurs at this time?

Anonymous said...

With out additional 'substantial news' NNVC has a history of retracing back below $1.00. Good to have some tading shares with NNVC, IMO. sell into the pop days, buy back in a few days.

with GNVC, a totally different story with final FDA testing phase 3 soon to be completed. If positive, could run into the teens and $20.00s